Removed Fine Lines and Acne Scars

My aesthetician told me the results depend on...

My aesthetician told me the results depend on the intensity level applied to your face. I'm not too sensitive so she increases the intensity, so than I require fewer sessions. I went to another spa and it was so mild that I'd have to go back many times more. Find a good aesthetician that is honest and make sure they are certified.  Also, don't waste your time or money if they insist on keeping the intensity level at a low.  They should increase it till it feels right for you not for their pockets.  Good Luck!


Yes, it removed my acne scars, sun spots, and a smoothed out my fines lines on forehead. I have olive skin tone so I really have to wear sun screen everyday to prevent or reduce the brown patches during the summer heat. I really recommend microdermabrasion. Although, I don't think it stops acne problems,you'll need to find a good acne product.
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I have been thinking about microdermabrasion to smooth out my skin tone, but wasn't sure if I should go to a M.D. or a good facialist. Any suggestions in the Houston area?
i recently broke out and the medicine my doctor gave me made my face worst. i refused to continue the medicine and started going to my facial lady that is AMAZING!!! my acnes is almost gone but i have a few marks nad scras on my face she said the microderm will help take them away. is this true does it really help
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