Caused New Scarring to Appear!!

Ive had microdermabrasion treatments done many...

ive had microdermabrasion treatments done many times and one thing i know for sure is that the results are based on the type of machine used and the skill and technique of the person administering it.

previously i had 10 sessions done by this girl at a salon. after 10 sessions my face looked exactly the same.

i recently found an excellent new esthetician who informed me that of the hundreds of microdermabrasion machines-there is only one that she will use on her clients because its the most effective. i was skeptical and hesitant but she convinced me to give microderm another try.

she just recently did my 3rd one and im amazed by the results. my skin is smoother, my dark spots are getting lighter and im getting exactly the results that i was hoping for. i also noticed that her technique is better than the other girls. i get one done every 2 weeks. i have 3 more to go and then i will cut back to just doing one a month for maintenance.

microdermabrasion when done correctly  with an effective machine and are done consistently can really transform your skin. it is a great option for someone like me who has hypersensitive skin and cant tolerate harsh chemical peels and the fact that there is no downtime required is a definitely plus!!!

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Why i am doing microdermabrasion- dark spots, very...

why i am doing microdermabrasion- dark spots, very shallow acne scarring

pros- no harsh chemicals used, no down time required

cons- expensive, must be done consistently every 2 weeks in order to see the best results and then once a month to maintain, many people use cheap uneffective machines and are not skillfully trained, can be too abrasive and leave scratches when not done properly.


i have rec'd several emails requesting the name of the machine. i just rec'd this info from my esthetician.its called bella microdermabrasion can go to their website to find professionals in your area that use the machine. here is the link and good luck everyone!!!
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Could you let us know the machine used? I would like to scout out the dermatoligist/plastic surgens/trained professionals with the best machines....thanks!
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UPDATE: 4/18/09- after having 7 microderms...


4/18/09- after having 7 microderms recently. i have changed my mind about this treatment and now give it a THUMBS DOWN!  initially,i was happy at how my skin was looking but after progressing with the treatments,the microderms started uncovering scarring that either wasnt there before or  was barely noticable. my dark spots are still dark.  i now have more damage to contend with and try to fix. i regret having these treatments.


actually, the best machines out now are from a company called advanced microderm. they use a medical grade sodium bicarbonate, rather than the aluminum oxide most machines use. Basically medical grade baking soda. So if you are pregnant or dont want a metal like aluminum injected into your face this is the one for you. Lastly, it can be done directly on the lips and right under the eyes, where the aluminum oxide one can not be used. good results after 3 treatments
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There are many microdermabrasion machines on the market to choose from. Bella is consistently ranked high in terms of owner satisfaction and patient treatment satisfaction. Many machines can use sodium bicarbonate or aluminum oxide interchangeably, including the Bella. One thing people need to understand is that the rumors about aluminum oxide being a "metal" or "aluminum" is incorrect. The companies that make a sodium bicarbonate system or a "diamond-tip" system spread this misinformation intentionally to promote their system. Aluminum oxide, also called corundum, is a colorless sapphire. It is a gemstone that is mined from the ground and is relatively common. It is inert, meaning you will not extract aluminum from the compound. Performing microdermabrasion with aluminum oxide will not inject metal or aluminum into the skin.
agreed, bella microderm equipment is the best available on the market. i have worked using esthetician and medical grade machines both very powerful and safe.
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cosmedics medical spa /aesthetician-donna

aesthetician turned out to be quite cold and unconcerned. contacted her several times about the new scarring that appeared on my face. my calls/emails went unanswered. i will not be returning to her. very disappointed with the treatments. skin looks worse.

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