Microdermabrasion with Laser Genesis Nothing Fabulous

I received a special offer to purchase...

I received a special offer to purchase microdermabrasion with laser genesis and a spearmint mask for $95. I figured for that price, "what the heck"! I'm 30 years old with normal skin. No sensitivies or allergies, minor sun damage some freckles on my nose and large pores on my nose. First, the microdermabrasion tool was not one of the ones that used crystals. I double checked with the tech as I was expecting flying crystals and dead skin from some of the reviews here. It felt more like a vacuum with a light sanding effect. She focused on my nose alot and I really felt like it must just be sucking the dirt out of my pores. She did the mask next and then we went over for the laser genesis.

She told me the laser genesis would feel like warm water. It really felt like somebody was holding a match very close to my face and could burn me at any minute. It wasn't painful (except for some pinprick feelings here and there which she warned me about) but it made me nervous and I didn't relax during the procedure and even asked her to pause a couple times after a couple pinpricks that felt more like jabs. Anyway, it was a reputable place in my area and I liked the technician and with my limited knowledge think it was done correctly. After both procedures, I don't notice a difference. My skin was chapped looking and dry for a few days until I started using a moisturizer which helped. I also had very small bumps that I could notice in the right light on my face but those are gone now.

Now, 6 days out, it looks normal. The pores on my nose might look slightly smaller but not really and I have a feeling whatever small difference there is, it's very temporary. For the price I paid, it was a relaxing experience and I'm glad I tried it out. I will definetely not do either procedure again at this point in my life and I certainly wouldn't ever pay full price, especially for the laser genesis. Sounds like the results are much too variable.

I got the same offer and I really liked it. I'm 46 and the combination of the micro with the laser genesis left my skin looking and feeling beautiful. I've since had a few photofacials to get rid of the brown spots/freckling and redness resulting from sun damage and if the genesis got rid of the brown spots I would have kept it up.....photofacials are very uncomfortable. I think microdermabrasion is a good refresher, but doesn't produce lasting results.
You receive a fancy facial for a fair price. No magic result could be expected for only $95. Be careful out there From MIAMI Dr. B
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