High Hopes; Low Results

I think I actually look older than I did before I...

I think I actually look older than I did before I had it done. I had a light chemical peel first and then 30 min session. My skin is now super dry and flaking. I am moisturizing 4 times a day to keep the white flakes at bay. I have more fine lines around my eyes and am hoping for long term benefits (hoping). It did clear my pores so that's a benefit, I suppose, but not why I had it done.


im pretty sure that the flakes are the results of the chemical peel and not the microdermabrasion.i had a chemical peel once and i looked like a dry flaky old woman for over a week. ive had microderm before and never had those issues from it.
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Chemical peels and microdermabrasion should NEVER be combined. It's either one or the other, which is why you had adverse effects. The clinic should have known not to combine the two. The double peeling is too harsh on the skin.
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