Oh Wow Was It Ever Worth It! - Bryan, TX

Had the micro proseedure done with a light peel...

Had the micro proseedure done with a light peel for my upper lip. I do look terribly cute now if I do say so myself! My doctor recommended it after my skyntyte proceedure to finish off my new more youthful "look". The skin on my face and neck GLOWS! Yes there was some extra pinkness for a day or two but the results were great ! I would do it again and would recommend it.

Wow you DO look young!
looking good for 54..:D

Looking great.  Do you know what kind of microderm they did?  Crystals?

Dermatalouge, Dr Terry Jones

At 54, to be mistaken for 38 year old younger cousin at the family reunion was the cherry on top !!!!!

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