Microdermabrasion: Be Careful with Dark Sensitive Skin

European spa aesthetician assured me treatment...

European spa aesthetician assured me treatment would be beneficial to smooth my skin, minimize wrinkles, and treatment painless.

Treatment was very uncomfortable, face kept burning afterwards, puffy for days, then dark blotches appeared after skin calmed down.  Complexion looked worse  than before.. Treatment was sold in packages of three, I did not go back for the rest of the treatments.

I believe this microdermabrasion was too harsh for my dark sensitive skin.

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It inflamed my skin.

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possibly to harsh. in general microdermabrasion should have left you with a feeling of a light sunburn , then nice fresh rosy skin. Ask the Esthetician to lower the vacume pressure and go easy the next time . and add a soothing mask after the treatment. as well go back to tell them your concerns as well.
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