Not Much of a Difference...I Want to Cry That I Spent So Much Money!

I saved up my money for 4 months because I really...

I saved up my money for 4 months because I really wanted to brighten and whiten my teeth. I am 35 years old and I attribute most of my stains to drinking soda.

The day of my zoom I was a bit nervous because I read all about the "zingers". I did not have any. But regardless, its been a week now and no real difference.

I haven't had ZOOM done to my teeth, but made an appointment yesterday, after consulting with the hygienist and the ZOOM specialist. In office whitening with ZOOM was $550 (this includes at home follow-up) and $350 just for the DIY kit at home. So I called my boyfriend (a dentist) and told him what I wanted to do. this is what I learned: 1 - the ZOOM process is not permanent unless you adhere strictly to at home follow-ups. as a matter of fact, the immediate results are great but since they are a result of dehydrating the teeth, within a week the teeth become hydrated once again and they darken. but it is effective with a good at home followup. 2 - he recommends the DIY that the dentist gives the patient. Takes longer, but the results are better overall. Get this, it costs the dentist about $10 to put together the take home kit and then charges $350. 3 - this is something most people do not realize. Whatever you like OR dislike about your smile will be amplified by whitening. So if you don't think you show enough teeth, it will be more obvious. If you have a "gummy" smile, again, whitening will amplify that look. If your teeth are crooked or the spacing looks off to you, whitening will draw attention to it. Be aware of this before laying down $500+ on a cosmetic procedure, that may only be temporary. I am cancelling the appointment.
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