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I am 36 and a single parent to three beautiful...

I am 36 and a single parent to three beautiful girls (15,14,8). Four years ago I had breast augmentation I went from a 36-A to a 40-D (small D/large C). Now I am considering a tummy tuck (once my finances are in order). I have dieted off and on over the past few years changing how I eat but I cannot seem to lose more than 10lbs which is not enough. I am 5'9 and weigh 225lbs and I love my body except this gut I can't seem to lose thru exercise or dieting. I lose weight everywhere else face, legs, hips, and thighs but never my tummy.

I was wondering if some of you who have gone through the procedure can answer some questions for me.

1. How long did it take before you were able to return to work? (I work a desk job- was back to work 4 days after my augemetation)

2. How was the pain? (needed vicodin for 2 days after my breast surgery)

3. How is it dealing with the drain tubes?

Help I really want to get this done but I want to be realistic in my approach!

Thanks all!

Hoping to get it done within the next month or so!

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Didn't go thru w/ this! See my new post

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You look absolutely great. who did your BA?
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Uh oh, whatch out now!!! U look hot!! U can wear that sexy top already?? Lucky ducky:-)
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Well to me you look good already and you are hiding the gut (lol). I find your questions reasonable and I have some of the same issues as you have with the weight loss. I can only seem to loose 10-15lbs and it is never in my stomach. Have you had a consultation or are you still contemplating.
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I've decided to just go with an updated BA and lipo suction of my abdomen. My ps says I have great muscle tone in my abdomen so a tummy tuck is not a rush. Plus my hubby to be likes thicker woman, namely me lol! So no tt for me! Bigger boobs, slightly smaller abdomen will make me the sexy bride I want to be!!!
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yes because you are already in diva mood. :)
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So, I was able to return to my desk job after about 2 1/2 weeks, but it was very tiring for the first few days.
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hey, I had my drains was out in 8 days and I returned to work in two weeks and I sat down at my job. You will have to wait and get the drains out before you can return. But I had to take off again because of the constant sitting. But you have to remember that everybody is different.
As for as the pain I don't think it was so bad. My c-section was a lot worse. It has been three months now since my tt and I still have a lot of swelling but then again I had extensive muscle repair done. If this what you really want then go for it. I don't regret it at all.
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Your breast aug looks great and your questions are very realistic and well thought out. I think most women need to take a minimum of two weeks off work. I have heard of exceptions (women getting back after a week) but they are not the norm. You'll be sore, swollen, and tired for quite a while. If you possibly can, three weeks off is best.

Reading through the other stories here in our wonderful tummy tuck community should help answer some questions. Also, check out Kimmers' Tummy Tuck Survival Guide. Hopefully you'll get some ladies stopping by to offer guidance as well.

Good luck to you on this journey. Do your homework and find an ASPS board certified doctor you're very comfortable with.

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