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Tummy Tuck with Flank Lipo April 19, 2012

I have 3 more days untl my Muffin Top is gone........

I have 3 more days untl my Muffin Top is gone........Oh I cant WAIT!!!! I started comptemplating to the point where I had exhasted all my reasons WHY I SHOULD GET MY TT, because everyone was saying to just work out. It's crazy because I went to a handful of PS and I was at the point where I wasn't satisfied at ALL!! Slowly but surely I was still researching but I kinda gave up for a minute :( I must admitt one particular PS spark my eye but I wasnt ready to pay the price yet :(...I know I wanted to still shop around. Her work is so out cold I gave in so here I am NOW paid and full and ready....and when I say I'm Ready I'M READY BABY!!!!!!!! lol I'm so tired of people asking me if "I'm Pregnant"...Hecky naw..........Don't You see my crew 3kids!!!!

TT UPDATE.....Surgery time @ 1pm on 4/19/12......

TT UPDATE.....Surgery time @ 1pm on 4/19/12....I'm so READY!!!!!!!

TT Tomorrow!!!! Can't Wait!!!!

TT Tomorrow!!!! Can't Wait!!!!
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hope all is well, normally dont get on computer for a few days after a surgery as reading up close sometimes makes me sick, but we are all thinking of you and sending good thoughts.
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How are you feeling? Check in and keep in touch with us as you heal.
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hope you are doing good, when you start feeling like it let us now how it all went, good thoughts going towards you
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Thinking about you and sending happy thought and hugs your way for tomorrow!!  

You will do just fine and be back home before you know it.  Just try to focus on all of the fun clothes you can buy later:)

Keep s up to date on everything.

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