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Rhino/septo 3 Weeks Ago - Does the Swelling Go Completely Down?

The experience was overall not too bad. The only...

The experience was overall not too bad. The only problem is the first week with the splint on Once you get passed that, it isn't too bad.

I had a rhino/septo 3 weeks ago. The moment my...

I had a rhino/septo 3 weeks ago. The moment my splint was removed a week after the surgery, my nose looked perfect. After only a few days after the splint was taken off, the bridge of my nose had formed hard swelling. Basically, a really hard bump had formed on the top and sides of the bridge. I also had work to make my tip more defined. The tip also got large and hard a few days after removing the splint. I also have no feeling in my tip. Will all this go away? Will it eventually go back to how it was right when I took the splint off? Also, I believe that I did not have an open rhinoplasty becuse I never had any stitches removed. -- Updated on Jan 24, 2010: I had a rhino/septo about 2 months ago to remove a hump and refine the tip. Recently, I recieved a face mask for protection when i play sports. The other day, face mask got hit up into my nose. The tip of my nose hurt pretty bad for a minute or so. It then swelled up a bit only in the tip. Is there any possibility that I ruined my rhinoplasty results in the tip of my nose?
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Does subcutaneous scar tissue go away with time? If not, how is it treated?
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Answer: Actual surgical swelling should completely abate with time. The degree and length of time varies from person to person. However, if there is residual prominent cartilage, this would need to be revised. In some cases, there is subcutaneous scar tissue that develops producing swelling just above the nasal tip. This may be treated. Edema on post surgical swelling of the septum will diminish.
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