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I have been thru a lot in the last few yrs and it...

I have been thru a lot in the last few yrs and it shows! I am going to give back to myself, I look tired and everything went south on my body so I am having a lot done and can't wait. Pls share your experience with me and what the best pain med to ask for when u feel like you have been hit with a Mac truck?
Lansing Plastic Surgeon

If you know of dr colony pls give me your post op opinion but he seems well qualified and spent about an hour with me to go over my procedures

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Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf. I hope you'll keep us updated on your experience in this space! Check out this list of supplies you might need for recovery. Also, here's a great post by JenBob about her mommy makeover experience.

What all are you planning to have done?

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Welcome and do a lot of reading here on all of our experiences as it will help you! We all are different in our process! Some recover really quickly and some of us (like myself) are recovering a but slower. I had Vicodin and roxicet liquid! Both work but I you know what you can take, ask your PS! Keep in touch and good luck on your surgery!!
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