Bello Moi Recovery Antioxidant Masque - Michigan, MI

At the Derms office they sold me this masque to...

At the Derms office they sold me this masque to calm down flare ups for rosacea. The esthetician told me to put the mask in the fridge about 20 min before I was going to use it so it was nice and cool. It really did really calm down the redness of my face. It says its for brightening and does something with circulation and energy of the skin. But all I know it did really help with a rosacea flare up.


Hi Jackie. Thanks for sharing! I'm glad the masque is working for you. How long does the relief last?

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Hi Sharon- so far so good. My face has not been red since the mask. I'll keep you updated next time I get a rosacea flare if it the mask helps again.
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