Don't Get Restylane for Eye Bags! - Michigan, MI

I got Restylane injected into my under eye bags...

I got Restylane injected into my under eye bags hoping for it to help smooth out the lines. It has been 4 months now and when ever my eyes swell due to allergies it made my eye bags twice as big. I also have tenderness all around my eyes as I did when I first got the injections 4 months ago.

I had to go to work for 3 weeks looking like a monster with swollen black and blue eyes with everyone asking what happened.

I would not recommend restylane under the eyes at all. I write this sitting here with an ice pack on my eyes tonight after 4 months.

I did get it in the nasal folds and I had no problem with it there. I also had a little put above my lip for wrinkles and that was fine. I don't know if I just have such thin skin around my eyes but it hurt really bad and I can still see right where the Dr. injected it.

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I'm so sorry about your eyes, that sounds miserable. You might want to check out the answers to these two questions from our doctor Q&A they might help.

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Keep us updated.

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Just make sure you go to someone that is a pro and does it all the time.

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