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I would like to inform the viewers that the...

I would like to inform the viewers that the commercial advertizement is misleading when they describe the dental implant procedure taking only one day. I'm in the process of getting an implant from a dentist I've know for more than 20 years and it's going to take 6 months just for the upper jaw to grow enough bone for the implant to properly install. Furthermore, an implant is like a crown. The exposed part of the crown that looks like the original tooth can be made quickly in the dentist's office but this quick method is not appropriate in all cases. I would definitely get a second, third and fourth opinion before signing up for any dental program.


The all on four procedure done at our office and other offices is done in one day. Bone grafting is often avoided using a ct scan and placing the implants in available bone. I think you are somewhat confused with the process. In some cases sinus lifts and bone grafting are necessary but they are becoming less common with ct scans and newer implant designs. It sounds like your are having bone placed then a wait for healing. As always each case is different.
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I am wondering if you misunderstood. The All on four procedure, as done by Clear Choice and other dentists, including the dentist I used, Dr. Brueggen, in Houston....does take one day. That means the teeth are extracted, implants placed, and temporary arches of teeth are placed on the implants. In six months, or when the implants have grown in, you go back and have a second set....the permanent teeth made and placed on the implants. It means if you go in and have all of your teeth pulled....which the All on Four procedure is all don't have to go home with no teeth. You have the temporary teeth, which are very nice...not like temporary crowns that I have had in the past that were very "clunky" looking. This is for people who have lost, or need to have pulled, all of their upper or lower teeth....or, in many cases, people who have lost all of their teeth. It is different than if you go in and get just one tooth implanted. I'm not familiar with that, but I am familiar with the all on four, as that is what I had. You have to be a little more careful with what you eat....but you can eat whatever you can cut with a fork. You have to be diligent about keeping them clean, but I sure wouldn't say that Clear Choice or any of the other clinics that do All on Four are misleading. That is exactly what you get....immediate teeth that are very attractive and you leave with them the first day. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is considering having it done. It is absolutely wonderful and life changing!
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I said you have to be careful with what you eat....what you can cut with a fork, but that is just for the temporary teeth....that is while you are waiting for the implants to grow in.
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