Lumineers Look Good, but Are Subject to Chipping Rather Easily

I had eight Lumineers applied to my front top...

I had eight Lumineers applied to my front top teeth 2 yrs. and 4 months ago.

My dentist did advise me to wear my bite guard every night to avoid the possibility of a Lumineer popping off during nighttime teeth grinding. Otherwise, I was told that I could eat anything. However, while eating a piece of hard candy several days ago, a piece of a Lumineer chipped off. Now my dentist says that I should not be eating hard candy or crunching ice cubes.

I had not realized that these porcelain covers were fragile, but am now thinking this is the case. Although the Lumineers advertisement indicates that clinical studies show them lasting 20 years, I will frankly be amazed if they last 10 years. Several of my front teeth had become quite thin at the bottom and the Lumineers have corrected this problem, as well as covered a discolored front tooth which had died. Thankfully my dentist will be replacing the chipped Lumineer at no charge


Dr. Blech, can u answer KTA question???
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What do you mean by prep? Is that when they shave the real tooth paper thin? That was the reason why I didn't want to get regular veneers. I heard they didn't have to do that to your tooth with lumineers.
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If you are getting veneers, lumineers or otherwise, the biggest mistake dentists make is to not prep enough between the teeth. You can bring out the smile a couple of mm and it won't really look different, but if you don't leave room for interproximal space between the teeth they will be too wide. I took a variety of veneer courses, and the lumineers people are not being honest if they say no prep. Lumineers are good because they are thin, but they look lousy if you don't prep at all.

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I've now had the Lumineers for 3 yrs. and 4...

I've now had the Lumineers for 3 yrs. and 4 months and have had no further problems. I am being careful to stay away from hard candy and ice cubes.


out of experience, your teeth will have to be trimmed from the front and the sides! I knew that this was not going to be magical and major trimming had to happen to my teeth before they can have these Lumineers looking natural, the result is pretty good I have to admit, it's been since 2007 and i am still happy and careful to not put them under unusual stress.(by the way pick a natural white tone color (minus 1 tone) don't go for the glossy white tone... u'll regret it and it will look too fake) As for "it is safe and reversible procedure" my answer is hahaha what a false advertising that my dentist had kept on and on until the day of the procedure where he had to drill and trim every single tooth that had a Lumineer on....but again I hated my teeth and today I am very satisfied with the compromise that it is not reversible and that I'll have to have them for the rest of my life as long as i keep up a perfect oral hygiene
thanks 4 the answer...took a while but thanks! "-)
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My dentist is somewhat of a perfectionist and is very competent.

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