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I have mild adult acne and hyperpigmentation....

I have mild adult acne and hyperpigmentation. After 1 treatment I could see a reduction in my hyperpigmentation and my existing breakouts begin to heal. I have very fair skin, which is the best for IPL. Also, my results have been good, since I started IPL treatments after 4 months of chemical peels, which have removed most of the sun damage to my face.

My advice to people considering IPL is to visit a couple of doctors with different IPL lasers. That could make a huge difference.

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Welcome to the IPL community! I'm so happy it went so well. That is good advice to give the community about shopping around different doctors. It is important to find one you are comfortable with, who understands what you want and who you can trust. Do you have to have any more treatments? Did you experience any pain or downtime? We would love to see pictures if you are comfortable sharing. Please keep us updated.

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