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When I first got invisalign I was told that I...

When I first got invisalign I was told that I would need them for 6-12 months. it has been close to two years now and I'm not even close yet. It isn't like I am not doing what I am supposed to.

I wear them all day. It is incredibly frustrating. My dentist keeps taking of my buttons and putting them back on and I'm getting to the point that I just want to say okay, that's enough, I'm done. They are painful and irritating. I'm so sick of them and have absolutely no idea when I will be finished where as if I had just gotten traditional braces I would be done in half this time.


I'm so sorry to hear how long your treatment is taking. Has your dentists given you an explanation as to why things are taking longer than expected? Also would be curious if you have been shown your Clincheck video?

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