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Not the Same As Botox to Me!

I tried dysport at the urging of a physician at a...

I tried dysport at the urging of a physician at a aesthetic clinic. I had one prior experience with botox on my forehead and a touch at my eyes. My botox was administered by an technician, not a physician.

Although I adjusted very well to the botox, I found the dysport to be totally different. First, it was a bit more painful; probably due to the amount that you have to administer to get the same result. I never get headaches and I have had one in my forehead off and on since my injections last week. I feel like my eyelids are dropping significantly and my eyes appear swollen. I had a bump at one injection point that did go away after a day. My forehead feels heavy and it is difficult to open my eyes wide. I am not sure if it has migrated, which I understand is the difference between the products.

I am SO GLAD I didn't have the injections around my eyes; the doctor suggested injections all around my eyes, rather that the few in the corners that I had with botox. Yikes! I will be back to botox at the end of the six months.

Hello I am having the same side effects. sinus , heavy head and fatique, I am seeking if anyone else is going through what I am.. up and down in my health for 2 months. My kids said mom ever since you got that disport your not health.. not fun..
I couldn't agree more, I had terrible results with Dysport.
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Not sure if the problems are partially related to the application. Maybe I had too much?

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