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Deep and Active Fx - Michigan

I had active and deep fx done 3 years ago to help...

I had active and deep fx done 3 years ago to help improve acne scarring. While it did help to shallow the scarring, it also caused lines or track marks where the deep fx attachment was used. The doctor that performed the procedure said he used modest setting. None the less I am left with additional scars. In addition, I developed dark pigmentation inside the lines.

The pigmentation has somewhat resolved but I am still dealing with the lines. Aside from the additional scarring, it was increadably upsetting when the doctor down played the problem and dismissed my concerns. Overall this has not been a positive experience. I would not recommend deep fx to anyone. If you are going to have this done, stick with active fx. If you are a person who enjoys being in the sun, steer clear of lasers all together.

Yes, can you provide a close-up in careful lighting, to show the pinpoint residue?
The scarring isn't that noticeable in photos. I feel that is the main reason the doctor disagrees with my oppinion as to the level of success obtained.

I recently had one round of fraxel at the advice of another doctor. The dark pigmentation has improved however it did nothing to the scars left by the previous laser. I am only 3 weeks post fraxel treatment and hoping for a positive outcome.

I am curious if anyone has ever been reimbursed for a treatment that actually caused scaring? It is shocking to me that a person can scar you both physically and mentally and then turn a blind eye.

It is pretty disheartening that when a treatment is performed poorly there is little recourse. I'm sure some people have been reimbursed, but my guess is it depends on what office/clinic you are dealing with and how reputable they are.

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