Potential for Uneven Results - Michigan

I just had my love handles done a week ago and the...

I just had my love handles done a week ago and the experience wasn't bad. I am already thin- 5'7 120lbs but just wanted to tighten the area up. Had some cramping immediately after but that went away in a few minutes. Both sides feel bruised (but have been progressively getting better since the procedure.) So far, so good.

I am wondering if anyone else has experienced one "love handle" being more sore than the other. Since the day of the procedure I have felt more sensitivity in the left side than the right. Also, I might just be imagining it but I am pretty sure I am already starting to see results - BUT the results seem to be appearing on the left (more painful) side.

Is it possible for the suction to have gotten more out of one side than the other and will this mean that I might have uneven results? I had visible bruising of the suction cup the first few days and the bruises looked someone uneven in placement.

Any comments would be appreciated! thanks

I was told the suction adjusted to my body as it sucked in the fat.Did you have two small head procedures, or one large? I had large head on stomach , and they said it may bruise but did not.

Consider you didn't know what the fat looked like on the inside so maybe one side was thinner than the other which may be more sensitive and disappear quicker.
My third c section was sewn up lopsided and one side is bigger than the other so I wonder if I will be totally flat or still lopsided.
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