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I had my consultation and the procedure on the...

I had my consultation and the procedure on the same day to my lower abdomen. At 26, I am really small all over with a small pooch of fat in my lower belly.

After the consult I believed that it would be a peice of cake, boy was I wrong! The procedure itself wasn't bad, a little uncomfortable for the first 5 minutes but no pain. After about 5 days is when the most agonizing feeling ever kicked in. I feel like i'm being stabbed with a knife in random spots all over my stomach. Not once did they mention this side effect. These sharp pain has kept me up for the past two nights. I also have mild bloating and gas.

Today is day 7 and after reading other reviews I cant wait to get to the 11-14th day marker, seems to be when the painful part comes to an end. If this pain is any indication of my progress then I should be happy with my results.

*fingers crossed* I hope to be happy with my results

Will update later with results


That's is great news ! I'm so glad for you! I did it twice and the second time was much more difficult. It has been three weeks on my second round so I'm starting to notice slight changes ... Good Luck ! Let us know your results. Best, Whirlybird
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cc529 .. Hang in there !! You will start feeling better around day 9. Since you read the other reviews, take note on what made others feel slightly better !!! Good luck .. I'm sure you'll be happy with result in a few weeks !
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Today is actually day 9 and I am feeling a bit better. The "pins and needles" feeling has let up a bit and the sharp "stabbing" pains has turned into that of menstrual cramps. I finally slept last night. I have been massaging on icy hot on my stomach or rubbing with a cool towel to eliminate the numb feeling. I think it will be all over soon. Thanks whirly.
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Great staff, knowledgeable accommadating, follow-up scheduled ahead of time.

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