Nerve or Muscle Movement After Breast Augmentation. Could I Be Feeling the Silicone Moving Around?

My results look o.k so far. I am happy with my...

my results look o.k so far. I am happy with my results so far. I glad I underwent the procedure. Has any one else felt strange movements in their breast following breast augmentation?

I can feel movements in my left breast when I make certain movements. It feels as if there is a loose nerve or muscle string that moves inside my breast. I had my surgery done 18 days ago. Could it possible be the silicone movement that I can feel?


If it burns and feels like the burn is spreading/moving throughout the breast, I was told by my PS that this is normal and it is the nerves regenerating since they were separated through the surgery. I used to get this spreading burning sensation every night (only in right breast) the first few weeks, I have had mine for a month and it doesn't happen anymore, which I am glad for since it kind of hurts.
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My sense is it's not the silicone gel which you're feeling moving around. Is it feeling tender at all? Try to take care by not constantly feeling for it, as that could be aggravating it. Be gentle. Given your recent your surgery is, you would do well to make an appointment to see your surgeon soon. He/she should be able to clearly explain what the issue is, and if you're still not clear, get them to spell it out to you. Literally. Then go home and search online for a thorough explanation, with pics and vids where apropos. But learn from your surgeon whether this is something you need to look at revising surgically, or what. You paid good money for them, you might as well take care of your investment. :-)
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