9 Days Post Op and Hating Them...- Michigan, MI

I've had my BA for 9 days and so far I hate them....

I've had my BA for 9 days and so far I hate them. I hate the feeling of them, it's something you can't describe. I feel so unnatural and I can't believe I did this to myself. This was something I had thought about for 7 yrs. it's crazy to think that something I wanted so bad has left me feeling this way. I told the doc and his staff 425cc silicone under the muscle a dozen plus times. It was written in my chart. I reminded them minutes before surgery no less than 400 no more than 425. They put 450 in, a little bit makes a huge difference. I was a 34b looking to be a full mid D but not DD. I'm 5'2 120# my right is still sitting higher...if the swelling is gone by now then I'm really going to be unhappy. If inwent to put a bra on i wouldnt be surprised if i was an E. I'm just hoping in a few months my feelings will change. Right now I'm angry at the doc for not listening and myself for wasting that kind of money. I'm a single mom that never does anything for myself and the one time I do it's probably one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I'm really, really upset. People keep saying give it time but they don't understand. I go in on Tuesday to get my stitches out. I'll be addressing this then.

Since it is now 2 months later, how are the boobs? How are you emotionally? Do you like them now?
I understand, I had mine done 4 months ago and hate them at times too. Surprised you have to have stitches out, most everyone I know (including me) had dis-solvable ones. My surgeon told me the internal tissue swelling really doesn't go down for 6-8 WEEKS and at 4 months post op I still see changes every day. Due to asymmetry reasons I had to have 2 surgeries and saw my doctor on a weekly basis for 10 months. I asked so many questions I think I could do BA surgery now but, just so you know, on a 34 frame size the difference between a 425 and 450 is about 1/4 size so there really is barely a difference. Some of your anxiety/depression about everything might be the residual affects of the anesthesia...it's quite toxic to the body and from being on RealSelf I see it's an issue not really addressed. Try to help yourself out by juicing, flushing your body with water & green tea and eating lots of vegetables...it really does help. I understand the feeling issue, I have 800ccs over the muscle and it's a strange feeling, someone online said they felt like they have an itchy sweater on that they couldn't take off and that seemed the most accurate description I had ever heard. I'm an active person who works out, does yoga, etc. so though I'm now only a 36D they're just big enough to be annoying and get in the way without the WOW factor of being a DD. I might at some point have them redone to go smaller but, right now I'm just happy they're the same size. Also, a little dime store psychology here but, ask yourself why you're really unhappy....I think you're feeling betrayed by the one person you're supposed to trust which is translating into not wanting to give yourself time to see how your body settles in. Unfortunately as hard as it is to hear, times does help. Give yourself permission to feel good about your new self and move on to happier times. :-)
I agree with beauty. I had mines done six years ago after being a 36A most of my life. I was so scared to spend that kind of money as a single parent. After having it done I thought I had made a mistake. After just two months I was beyond happy. Once they settled down I wished they were bigger. I'm not small so I've felt I could have went bigger. Most other women i talked to wished they went bigger after their surgery. Trust that in a few months they will feel more a part of you. Your surgeon should have listened to you. Any variations should have been your call before the surgery. Sometimes they make the call after checking the symmetry before closing your incisions. I hope that as time passes you will grow to feel more connected to UR new "girls"! We single mothers deserve to be treated every once in a while so just give it some more time ( sick of hearing that) but it will give u a better perspective.
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A coworker and research. I had consults with 5 doctors. Felt confident about him until now.

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