Breast Augmentation: I Dont Want to Go to Small! - Michigan

I have selected a doctor and scheduled my surgery....

I have selected a doctor and scheduled my surgery. I am 5'6 and about 140 lbs. I told my doctor I wanted to be a FULL C to a D. I do NOT want to be too Large BUT I do not want to go to small. I wanted some feedback from your experiences. He has a 350 cc High profile Implant. But every picture I see online with a size I desire is more 400-450. What do you think.


What doctor have you scheduled with? I've been looking for a good doctor in MI. The reviews are scary :) What size are you now? My cousin was a very small B, she got 300cc silicone and now is a full C. She looks great but everyone is so different. You should try on the 400-450cc to see what it would look like on you.
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I went to Dr. Sabbagh in Bingham Farms. Which is telegraph and 13ish. I felt most comfortable with him and he did a good job! My surgery was on the 26th of March 2013. I ended up going 400cc under the muscle.
Awesome! I'm so happy it went well! Are you back to work yet? That's my biggest fear. I work in a hospital, we transfer a lot of patients. Did you get saline or silicone? Where are your incisions? Would you mind telling me how much you paid? I'm going to look the doctor up. Thanks!
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