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Hello. I'm new to this forum. Im very very...

Hello. I'm new to this forum. Im very very concerned about the swelling in my belly. Today is my 10th day and I feel extremely swollen. I called my doctor yesterday and he said it was normal to be swollen as long as it was hard and not soft as if I have alot of fluid. I see him Sat, but im still very concerned. I have seen some post op pictures of other at day 10 and it doesnt seem like they were as swollen as me. Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this as im freaking out.

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Hey guys. Well, its been a month now and you all are right. The swelling is going down. I still am swollen, however not as much as I was at 10 days. Thank you all.
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Hurray it's party time!

You will notice positive changes month after month for a long while. 
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I needed Kimmers to give me some encouraging words of advice too as far as my swelling. I'm 3 weeks and 1 day post op and I swore up and down that I had all kinds of issues going on with me. The best thing for you to do is... RELAX and not think about it. I can say that mine is actually getting better and I'm just taking it one day at a time.
When I went to my post op visit, there was another young lady there who had NO swelling and a complete flat tummy, I wanted to curl up and die. I just knew there was something that went wrong with my procedure, but of course it wasn't. trust me, nobody worries as much as me and when I started to relax I started to see better results.

Check out my youtube videos, you'll see what I'm talking about.

Good luck
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Ladies you are all going to come through this just fine and be so happy when all healed. 

I would have curled up and died also if I had seen a woman like that in my doctors office.  Some people are just plane lucky..but they are far and few between.  That's just not right in my book!!

I can remember a friend of mine several years ago having her baby.  She delivered the darn kid and went home two days later in her size 4 jeans....just plain sickening!!  I looked like I was still prego when my son was six months old.....UGH!!

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LOL... Kimmers that is hilarious. I too looked prego after I had my daughter (and she's 14 years old)... but I mean way after I had her... right before my TT people would ask on occasion "so how many months are you"? uuugggh it was so annoying, but not anymore, my tummy is coming along just fine and yes my swelling is getting better.
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I am so glad you are doing well and happy with your tummy! 

Well truth be told...I still looked prego on my sons 16th birthday...bye bye belly!
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The swelling you are experiencing at 10 days PO is totally normal.  It will come and go based on the time of day and your activity level.  

Mine tormented me for months but it does get better each month.  My doctor told me that it can take up to a full year for the total results to settle in. 

Make sure you drink plenty of fluids and watch your sodium intake.  Sodium is the devil for the body after this procedure. 

You are still very early in the recovery process so rest as much as you are able to.  When you get that tight, sore and swollen feeling sit down and kick your feet up.  It is your body's way of telling you to slow down. 

Hang in there because it will get better.
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If you gently tap areas of your tummy and there is a slight jiggle at the surface you may have fluid trapped. I had that happen to me about 7 days post op and had to have 5 cc of fluid removed. At my next appt a few days later there was still a little ( appox 2-3 CC's but not removed) fluid but at my next appt 4 days later no fluid. If you are very swollen make sure you wear your garment and take it easy..
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