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Starting Velashape - Miami, FL

I recently found a coupon like a...

I recently found a coupon like a "groupon" for 4 Velashape treatments for the price of $99. I have been looking into Velashape for a very long time, but always found to be too expensive. The last time I got quoted, I was told that it would be around $150 per session and I would need a minimum of 6 sessions. So, I def felt that I should take advantage of this deal and regardless if I didnt get that much out of it, I wouldn't even be wasting the amount it would cost me to get one session. I honestly feel like I have nothing to lose!

Today I had my first session. I dont want to say that I was dissapointed, but I did feel like the session flew by. The technician was probably working on my thighs for a little over 20 minutes. Once they turn on the machine, the technician will be checking the temperature of your skin making sure that you reach 40 degrees. The Velashape machine feels like a massage roller that is suctioning at the same time with heat. At this point, I have nothing to lose and will look forward to my next treatment next week. I will be having the four treatments completed in one month. WIll keep you posted!

Hi, jo-hahhana,
Gruopon has a special right now im considering to buy it. Could you pls give me your opinion on this, what was ur final result. Thank you.

$35 for one VelaShape body-contouring treatment (a $255 value)
$99 for three VelaShape treatments (a $799 value)
$159 for six VelaShape treatments (a $1,599 value)
$199 for nine VelaShape treatments (a $2,249 value)
Each 20- to 30-minute treatment must be used on the same area. Treatment areas include the thighs, buttocks, love handles, and abdomen.

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Make sure you do a lot of research on the place that will be performing the procedure. It is best to go with a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist. Some people get good results going to laser centers, others have reported serious complications. Please do a lot of checking on their education, training, results of other patients, etc.

Here is a post on 5 Tips for Evaluating Group-Coupon Deals

Hope this is helpful - its important to us you are kept safe!! :)


Jo-Hanna, could you let us know the result of your treatment, please?

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