Liposculpture - Painful but So Far So Good

So tonight is my recovery night. Ive had...

So tonight is my recovery night. Ive had traditional lipo before and its felt just about the same but with a little less swelling. The only really uncomfortable part is when they're filling you up with the anesthesia...I felt as if my body had bricks under my skin...other than that...didnt feel a thing. Ill update on my progress ;)

Hello, I was wondering what areas you had done and if you have pictures. I am considering doing this with Dr. Pascual but wanted to know so far if you are happy with your results.
Day 3 and 4 are the swelling has gone down a lot and it loks great so far.
day 2 and i feel horrible...I drove myself to the doctors office to get my ultrasound and the tech said that today would be bad because all the lidocaine would be out of my body. She was not lieing... On a different note, I got to see myself without the garment and even with the swelling the results look amazing. Cant wait till the swelling goes down!
Dr. Amarylis Pascual

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