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Thank You, Lasik! - Miami, FL

After having an accident that made me lose some of...

After having an accident that made me lose some of my eye sight, my doctors added Lasik eye surgery to my list of surgeries. I didn't do it for a cosmetic reason, but more of a survival reason.

I recommend Lasik Eye Surgery to everyone! I remember counting to 10 and then it being over. I felt some discomfort afterwards, but after waking up I had perfect vision. Very thankful for this procedure.

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perfect procedure. Forget the contacts and glasses.

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Could you give us your doctor's name. I go to Miami in December. Could do it there then. Sounds like this is a good place for it.
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A count to 10 and it's over? Nice! That makes it seem much less frightening!

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Hi Jo-Hannah -- I'm so glad to hear that surgery helped you get your sight back. What a happy ending. :)

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