Fraxel 750 Worsened Melasma- Lawsuit Filed-Miami, FL

I did the Fraxel SR750 four years ago and it...

I did the Fraxel SR750 four years ago and it spread my melasma all over my face and added PIH. After 4 years of unsuccessfully trying to fix the damage, I feel permanently scarred and disfigured and I filed a lawsuit against them.

Contact MCast! I think she can tell you what she used to see improvement!!

I know in the Keys it is summer all year round but things will get better now that fall is approaching. Don't use HQ - it has a horrible rebound effect.
Brit: Can you link her to MCast as well?

KB: What ethnicity are you? Is your entire face darker with PIH or do you have melasma areas?

I am German/Irish so fairly light. I am four months from Fraxel....I have texture/pore issues but am worried about sun exposure as I also have PIH.

I am sorry for your experience.

No problem Bowman929.

Hey Key Biscayne, here is the link to user Mcast who Bowman929 suggest might be useful for you. Hopefully this helps. Everybody please keep me updated to how everything goes.



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