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7 Months After Treatment - Miami, FL

I had a full face and neck Ultherapy done in...

I had a full face and neck Ultherapy done in August. The results are best seen, I believe, from side photos. I am 56, slim, fair skinned. The difference is subtle but there is definitely an improvement, particularly around the brow. It wasn't painful except for the forehead, that was very painful. My doctor injected the entire area to be treated with pain/numbing shots. I would recommend it, if don't want major changes. It's a good tool in the ongoing battle to look as good as possible without major surgery

Are you still pleased with your results? I am 56 and having Uthera done this Thursday. I'm just having my neck done to start out. The nurse advised me not to do full face and neck all in one sitting. She thought it would be too much pain to deal with at one time. She will be injecting my neck with Lidocane shots to numb before treatment. Sounds like you did pretty well with the pain except the forehead (I did hear the boney area in the forehead is more painful). Good luck to you. Thanks for posting your experience. =)

How great that you are pleased with the changes you have seen! Thank you for letting us know you had it done in August. Having an idea of how long it has been since your treatment compared to the results you are sharing is very helpful.

Are you thinking of doing another round anytime in the future, or do you feel like the one was plenty to get you where you wanted to be?

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