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I have 3 kids have been cut with a c-section twice...

I have 3 kids have been cut with a c-section twice so my shape has disappeared so I just want to get my body back to a smaller stomach I work out but my stomach won't go anywhere so now I have love handles and a big stomach I'm nervous about having a procedure next month hope all goes well I also want to lose a couple more pounds before next month

2 month ago

I'm just putting the pictures up but I lost 15 pounds from that picture that you that u see I'm trying to lose a little bit more

Undecided what doctor to choose

Im thinking about going with Dr. Yily but I'm not sure yet I love her pictures I love her work if I do go I will be going in June 24th2013 is is there anybody going over there to see her around this time I may need a buddy if I go


Need a buddy to go to see doctor Yily is anybody going to the end of June
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I am unable to see your pictures. I have had 3 sections my self last one in 2000. Where does Dr Yily cut for the TT ? I hope not to have 2 scars!
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Butterflies 1997 I have had 3 section what would you say is easier recovery this surgery or the c section.... just was wondering I am scheduled to get the same thing feb 4th with Dr yily............
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Hello Butterflies1997!!! I will be having my TT surgery on June 24 also. I am very excited and nervous. What are your feelings right about now?
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Welcome to the tummy tuckers!  June 25th will be here before you know it!!!  So excited for you and looking forward to hearing back from you.

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