I'm schedule to have a Full Abdominoplasty on...

I'm schedule to have a Full Abdominoplasty on Friday, December 20th. My name is Christie and I'm the Office Manager for Dr. Leonard Hochstein in Miami, FL. A lot of you may know him from the Real Housewives of Miami or known as "The Boob God". I've been working for him for a little over 2 years now. I decided to do a review on my whole experience because I want to share my whole recovery to let everyone know what to expect after surgery.
Anyways I'm 26 years old and I weight 125lbs. After having my son 8 years ago I was left with an ugly scar above my belly button and also with what I call the "kangaroo pouch" which no matter how much you workout at the gym it will never go away because your muscles stretched during pregnancy. These where the 2 things that really concerned me and what opted me to go with a Full Tummy Tuck. I was of course a little hesitant with the scar at first but I know from working here so long that with proper after care the scar can pretty much diminish with the right scar treatment.
I'm not nervous at all... But I'm pretty sure as the day proceeds I will begin to become nervous. I will be posting my before photos very soon!
Feel free to ask any questions :)
Good luck from Australia Christie
Thanks for the support! :)

Before Photos

My surgery day is fastly approaching!! I'm getting very anxious and excited at the same time. Here are some before photos. I will keep you all posted :)

Almost ready to go in!! :)

Patiently waiting to give transferred to the OR to begins surgery. Got my Dr. Hochstein cozy robe on. Surprisingly I'm not nervous; just a little anxious but also excited!!

1 Day Post-Op

I'm amazed!!! My tummy looks so flat!! My surgery went really good; it took about 2 hours. Even though I'm Dr. Hochstein's Office Manager he treated me just like any other patient. When doing my markings before going into surgery he gave me his opinion on what areas I wanted the Liposuction which I agreed with him (he's the expert). He also made sure to do my incision very low since I model I can't have any visible scars. Well other than that I feel great!! I must have a pretty high pain tolerance. Anyone having a Tummy Tuck I highly recommend that you rent a lift chair this thing is amazing!!! It only cost me $300 for the month (I may not need it that long but it was very affordable and worth it!) Here is my 1 day after surgery photo... Feel free to ask some questions :)
I'm doing my surgery with Dr Hochstein on Jan. 3rd. I'm terrified about the post op pain. Funny.. I met with you and I commented on the artwork in your office. It's comforting to know you are doing the surgery too. I'm in pretty good shape but have a lot of stretch marks I need to get rid of. Im from Chicago and Dr Hochstein was the only doctor who I felt confident enough in to do this surgery. Doctors here said I may not have enough skin but judging from your pics you have a similar case to mine. It's very reassuring to know you did this surgery too. I hope we both have amazing outcomes! I wish you a speedy and smooth recovery. I'll be in Miami for my surgery in less than 2 Weeks. Very scared but I'm going to the best in the business.
Wow how exciting!! I can't wait to see you! I won't be in the office on Jan 3rd but I will be back on Jan 6th when you come in for your Post-Op. I'll make sure to pay you a visit ;) You are definitely in good hands! I can't believe how flat my tummy is... I'll be posting some photos tomorrow when I go see Dr. H. Wishing you the best recovery! I know we will look absolutely fabulous! Xoxo :)

On my way to my 1st Post-Op Visit

This Pain Pump has been my bestfriend throughout these past 3 days... It's amazing!! You don't have to do absolutely anything to it. It basically administers the anesthesia to your tummy area every hour or so. 3 day Post-Op photos coming shortly ;)

3 days Post-Op

I'm feeling really good! I went into the office today to see Dr. H and I'm healing nicely. I have a lot of bruising and swelling which is completely normal. I highly recommend you start taking Arnika Forte immediately after your surgery for at least 7 days; it helps speed up your recovery process. I also switched out of my girdle to a faja (one piece spanks) which feels so much more comfortable. The drains are surprisingly very simple, I've been draining them every 2-4 hours. I've been sitting in my lift chair all day and taking 5 min walks around my house every 2-3 hours to maintain the blood circulation in my legs. I've been drinking homemade low sodium chicken soup; I don't recommend eating anything too greasy or high in salt (after all you do want to keep that nice figure lol). Feel free to asks any questions I really enjoy educating and updating you all thru my journey of recovery :)
Here are some pics ;)
Where did you get your faja garter?
Looks great:)

My girdle

Here's a pic of my girdle since some of you have been wondering what it looks like :)


ready for some more updates from you, what does the Arnika Forte do?
Arnika Forte is a natural supplement which helps speed up your recovery process. It helps with reducing the bruising and swelling. I always recommend patients to start taking it 3 days prior to their surgery and then take it out another 7 days after surgery. Lmk if you have any other questions :)

Ugh!!! 7 days Post Op

Just wanted to give you all a quick update. I went into the office today to see Dr. H and work (lol I'm a workaholic.) I'm recovery and healing very nicely. My drains are still in and I think I'll have them in for another 2 or 3 days. Now... The reason why I wrote "Ugh" on this title.... the constipation after surgery is horrible!! This has been the worst night for me throughout the entire surgery! Now I finally feel what patients call and complain to me all the time... I've taken 3 stool softeners and I just took some milk of magnesium. I also had to take a Xanax to calm my nerves (sitting on the toilet for 2 hrs with nothing but stomach pains gave me anxiety!) I'm calm now so I'm hoping the laxatives kick in so I can stop feeling this bad. Other than the whole constipation episode I'm looking good ;) Posting pics tomorrow... Sorry for the explicit information lol
If you don't go tomorrow, give yourself a Dulcolax suppository. You will go within 15 minutes. That was my life saver... You look awesome!!
Thanks!! The Dulcolax suppository did the job lol ;)

Updated photos :)

Hi Everyone!!
Just wanted to give you some updated photos. I'm 9 days post op from my surgery and healing. My drains are still in and might come out tomorrow (I have my fingers crossed.) Here are some pics; feel free to ask any questions :)
Christie2225 thanks again : )) both retailers are in my immediate area..I'm working on that list. Ttyl
Great!!! ;)

10 Days and drains out!!

Hi everyone!!
I'm 10 days out today from my surgery and happy to say I got both drains removed today!! I was alittle nervous to remove them because I thought it would be painful but it wasn't at all; it was just all mental. Also Dr. H told me to start straightening out when I walk little by little. I'm also happy to say that I'm finally walker free!! No more looking like the Hunch Back of Norte Dam lol. I won't lie I walked to my mailbox all on my own today which is like 40 steps to and from my house and I felt exhausted when I made it to my recliner!! So I'm sure it's going to take some time to get back to my usual flow. I'm finally going to drive tomorrow so I'll let you know how that goes. I'm also going to try sleeping on my bed tonight with maybe 2/3 pillows behind my back to elevate me. Here are some new pics of my tummy but this was before Dr. H removed my drains; I'll post some more undated photos tomorrow. I love my belly button!! It looks so perfect; it's still healing though! (Sorry I'm obsessed lol!)
I'd love to hear about your scar treatment? I had my BA about 18 months ago, the scars are slowly fading (maybe I'm inpatient) I want to be sure I do the best thing I can with my TT!
Hi We sell a product here at the office which I love!! It’s called Bio-Corneum which is the Scar Recovery Cream. I used it for my BA and I had wonderful results; you can’t even see my scars. You can only purchase it at Doctors offices so its way better than the over the counter products like Mederma etc. For my TT I'm going to try the Silicone Scar Sheets; I still need to wait another 1-2 weeks until I can start using the Silicone Tapes. So I will let you know how that goes :) Thanks!!

15 Days Post Op

Hope you all had a Happy New Year!! Sorry I haven't posted I have been really busy getting back to work. I'm practically walking completely straight which I'm finally happy about :)
My incision is healing very nicely with no issues and I feel pretty great. I'm no longer on any medications or pain killers. Only time I feel little pain is when I sneeze, laugh, or cough lol. I'm still wearing my girdle, I purchased 2 of them so I can be switching them. Showering is still not so easy; I'm just very cautious. I'm showering with an antibacterial soap and making sure I dry the incision area very well before I put my girdle back on. I'll be posting some pics shortly.
Let me know if you have any questions :)
You are looking fantastic already.... amazing!
Thank you!! I really appreciate it!

15 days pic

you look so good already :) I'm hoping to finally have a tt don't this year :)
Thanks you!!! Good luck with your procedure... It was definitely worth it! Xoxo

Update!! :)

Hi there!! Just wanted to update everyone. My recovery is going great!! I'm finally back to work full time as of Monday. I'm almost 3 weeks post op on Friday!! Time flies!! I'm finally dropping weight and it's because the sweeling is finally starting to come down. I'm so happy with the outcome of my surgery. My insicison is so low!! Here are some new updated pictures. Let me know if you have any questions :)
Bells are you going home sooner than 10? I'm planning to have my husband come with me but it will be hard for him to miss more than a week in the office so I may have to rethink things a bit. Does anyone know if there is a slower time of the year as far as getting appointments for surgeries with Dr. H? It seems like he must be really busy from what I'm reading on here.
Hi... Well I'm Dr. H's Office Manager/Patient Coordinator. His schedule does usually book out very quickly. He usually books out about 1-2 months in advanced. So I definitely recommend some early planning once you decide on your timeframe for surgery. Let me know if you have any additional questions :)

Updated pics!!

Hi everyone!! I'm doing pretty great. Still healing... My incision is still very scabby and my skin is really dry since I haven't been able to use a moisturizer. Here are some new pics I'm around 25 days post op.
You look Really good. Hope alls going well. Can't wait to see an update. I'm planning to have a full Tt with mr this year. Ps love your belly button so natural.
Aww thanks!! I was very hesitant about the BB but I'm so happy with my result. And I know it will only get better from here! :)


Hi.. It's been a while since I updated you all with some photos. Its been a month and 3 days since my surgery and I can't believe how quickly time flies!! I'm still patiently healing (its such a long process)... My tummy still feels very numb which is very normal. I'm alittle nervous now because it looks like I'm retaining fluid (seroma) between my belly buttom and TT Incision. This is very normal within 3-5 weeks after surgery. I'm just hoping to that my body absorbs the fluid or Dr. H will need to aspirate it with a syringe. I will keep you all posted!! Here are some pics :)
Wow. i hope my results are that great
Thanks!! Good luck with your procedure :)

Just got aspirated!

Ok... So it wasn't that bad!! So Dr. H removed a little over 55cc's of fluid from my tummy. He told me to keep monitoring it and I might have to remove some more next week. But anyways my tummy is now flatter and doesn’t jiggle anymore lol (it kind of looked like flubber with all that fluid buildup.) Just a huge relief now that I got that removed (I was beginning to get nervous.)
Can you post an update? wondering how you are doing.
Hi!! Hope all is well with you :) I just posted some updated pics over the weekend. I'm still healing you know how it is; it’s a process. I wish it could go faster!! lol You look fabulous by the way!! ;)


Hi everyone!!!
I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to update you all; I've just been so busy!! But here are some new pics :)
Lol.. Yes you should def come see Dr. Hochstein. I'm super happy with my results :)

Hi everyone!! :)

So I just wanted to give you all a quick update on my recovery/journey. I'm not going to lie but it has definitely been a process! I'm still very much body conscious because of my scar; my scar is currently at the stage where it doesn't look pretty at all!! It looks purplish/reddish and is very bumpy (usually the 10-12 week mark after surgery). I know it takes time to fully heal and start diminishing but I want it to disappear!! lol... I'm hoping that within the next couple months as I continue to take care of it and apply my Bio-Corneum scar recovery gel the scar will start diminishing (crossing my fingers). As for swelling I still have some swelling; some days I have more swelling than other days. For instance I decided to do a spring cleaning over the weekend and at the end of the night I was super swollen around the incision area. I'm still wearing my girdle daily; I feel like it provide nice support and especially the days I feel the swollen it helps alleviate my tummy from the swelling. I just recently started to work out; I haven't done any abs exercises since my tummy is still very numb and Dr. H suggested I wait a little longer since I still have fluid buildup in my mid-section area between my BB and TT Incision. So I've been sticking to cardio and Lower/Upper Body weights. I've still been needing to be aspirated every week or so from 20-50cc's in the same area. I'm hoping this week will be the end!
Well let me know if you have any questions... I'll post some more pics soon :)
Wow! your waist is so tiny!!! you look great even with not being able to really workout. Great results and congrats again!
Thanks!! I'm really happy with my results can't wait for them to get better :)

1st time in a Bikini

Headed to the beach!! Can't wait to show off!! Lol
sorry if this was already asked but did you take Arnica? Kind of on the fence about it....thanks
Absolutely! I actually started taking Arnika Forte 3 days before my surgery and took it out for 2 weeks after my surgery. The reason we recommend Arnika Forte is because it contains a formula with Bromelain, Arnica Montana 30x, Antioxidant, and Bioflavanoids to rapidly speed recovery from bruising, and swelling associated with the surgery. If you tend to bruise easily like I do I definitely recommend taking the supplement or if you just want to speed up your recovery process. We sell the Arnika Forte supplement on our Online Store if you need it. It’s on www.lhochsteinmd.com/store/product/ Let me know if you have any additional questions :)

At last a flat tummy!!

I'll be 3 months out of surgery on March 20th I can't believe I'm finally in a bikini and in the beach!! I can't imagine how I will look at 6 months!! I'm honestly so happy with my results and I don't say this because I'm Dr. Hochstein's manager but because I can finally feel sexy in my own skin!! "Body by Hochstein" lol ;)

Wow 4 months already!!

I can't believe I'm almost 4 months post op. Time flies!! I've started to workout already almost on daily basis; I do 4-5 days a week. I have noticed a huge change in my core and that's without doing any ab exercises. My ab muscles still feel very tender so I haven't really worked out my abs. My scar is healing nicely; I apply Bio-corneum and SkinMedical Scar Recovery Gel everyday twice a day (morning and night). I've also continued doing Lymphatic Therapy Sessions once a week and once I became 3 months post op I was able to start the therapy on the actual scar to help break down any scar tissue that built up. I'm only by my 3rd session and I have seen a huge improvement on the scar; I need about 6 more sessions. Here are some updated photos. Let me know if you have any questions :)
Your belly button looks totally different from before. Did the doc do something different? I never hear back from you about getting a revision. You look really amazing!!!! Congrats! :)

Some more bikini updates!!

Hi everyone!!
Just wanted to update you all with some photos. I just got back from Puerto Rico and felt amazing in my bikini. My tummy is looking so amazing!!
My scar is healing very nicely. I've actually have continued doing Lumphatic Therapy on my tummy since I still have some swelling. I even started doing the treatment on the actual scar. I'm by my 4th session and some areas of my scar are completely flat!!! What the therapy does is that it helps break down any scar tissue developed around the scar. I'm thinking I may need another 4 to 5 more sessions. I'll keep you all posted ;)

Pics didn't post :)

Hello there I love your results! All thought u had a great a body to begin with :-) were u able to stand straight at day 8 po? I'm planning on doing this surgery but I work at an office as a receptionist and I'm only geting a total of 11 days off to heal. Do you think I'll be fine? I do sit all day
Hi there!! Thanks!! I did have a nice tummy to begin with but I was always self conscious of the scar I had above my belly button and the "kangaroo pouch" from my pregnancy (from my muscles stretching and excess skin). I don't regret not one bit having the surgery; I look and feel amazing which is the most important part! 10 days is the usual time frame which is needed to be walking hunched over; I think 8 days may not be enough. But if you job is giving you 11 days off that should be perfect especially since you sit most of the time. Let me know if you have any additional questions :)

My abs!!

My abs are looking amazing and I've barely starting working them out! I've just began working them out very lightly. I'm so excited for bikini season!! Here's an updated pic after my workout today :)
looking insanely hot girl! I will see you next on Monday. My friend is having her surgery on Fri 5-16 take good care of her. She is staying at my house and I took the day off on Mon to take her to the follow up appt. I know she is going to be so happy with the results.
Omg!! Yay how exciting!! I know exactly who your talking about. She is in good hands and I will definitely pamper her a little extra ;) See you on Monday and thanks!! Xoxo


Today was my 5th Lymphatic Therapy Session to continue breaking down the scar tissue around my incision. My scar is nearly almost completely flat! It's amazing!! Each and every day when I look at myself in the mirror it just gets better and better lol. I've been working out 4-5 days a week and on a strict diet. I want to make this whole experience worth it. My tummy is looking amazing but I can't wait for it to look even more amazing!! FYI I had a lot of people comment on the size of my implants; I currently have 550cc's which according to Victoria Secret that's a 34DD on my chest frame. What I like is that even though I have a rather large size implant; the way Dr. H positions and creates the pockets makes my breast look very natural and not give me that "pornstar" look lol. Let me know if you have any questions.. Here is a photo I just took :)
Hi Christie, Hope your healing great you look amazing! Today is one year since my tummy tuck. I will post some pics later. My belly button is so nice! I'll come is soon. I'm so happy with everything and feel great! XO
Well CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I'm so excited for you and I can't wait to see your photos. Keep me posted and make sure to swing by my office the next time you come around here ;) XOXO

6 Month Update!!

Hi Ladies!
Here are my 6 month update photos of my tummy which I'm LOVING!!! I couldn't be any happier with my results and I know if I continue with exercising and dieting it will only get better. I went ahead and attached a pic from my weekend vacation to the Bahamas. I was strutting around in my little 2 piece bikini and no one would ever think by looking at me that I had a Tummy Tuck lol. Let me know if you have any questions... Happy Healing to everyone who recently had surgery!! :)
Is the Dr very experienced with face lifts and does he do chin implants too? I'm highly thinking of calling your office.
Yes Dr. H specialized in Face/Neck Lifts as well as Chin Implants. If your interested in meeting with him you can either schedule an in office consult or phone consultation. Let me know if you have any additional questions :)

Hard work pays off!!

Almost 8 Months Post-Op and I feel great!! I joined a very intense kickboxing class which I take 3 times a week... I didn't think I could pull it off but thank god I'm almost back to 100% when it comes to fitness. I remember before doing my TT I would kill myself at the gym and not see any results in my core!! Since my surgery I have not done not one single crunch or sit up and my abs look very defined. It's incredible!! Here I posted a follow pic of me before my kickboxing class... Let me know you have any questions!! ;)
It was great reading your about your journey. Thank you so much for sharing. Perhaps I'll get to me you when I come in for my MM with Dr. H by end of year. You look hot!!!
Hi! Sorry for the late response. I really appreciate your comment! And I look forward to meeting you when you come into the office. This is a life changing procedure :) Let me know if you have any questions and feel free to email me at Christie@lhochsteinmd.com


Hi everyone :)
I can admit I've been lost :(
So busy at the office lol. I wanted to post some new photos and update you all on my progress. My tummy is looking fabulous. I even went ahead and got it pierced; it feels great to be able to flaunt my stomach and not feel self conscious. I have been working out and dieting ALOT!!
I didn't post a picture of the actual scar because I'm currently undergoing laser treatments at the office to help diminish the look of the scar. We just got the Sciton Laser which is the Halo & BBL and I've been trying both treatments on my scar. I have seen a huge significant change in the look of my scar. I have one more treatment to go and I will be posting a review on my experience with the laser on my TT scar.
Look forward to letting you all know about my experience with the scar. Hope you all are doing great!!
You look great! Will you please add a close up photo of what your scar looks like now? I understand that you are using some treatments to improve your scar, But I feel it would be beneficial for people like me who want to travel to see Dr. H to see how things look along the way.
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