10 Weeks Post Operation: Not Happy with the Results: Scared That I Need to Go Through the Entire Operation Again - Miami, FL

1. The area on and around the incision feels hard...

1. The area on and around the incision feels hard with grooves especially on the left side. Are these fat tissues?

2. My skin below the belly button is full of wrinkles when bending and sitting down. Are these accumulated fat or loose skin? Will I need to redo the incision?

3. Half the Belly button is covered. Will this correct itself overtime or I would need to do a surgery. The area around belly button tender and painful especially when touched.

4. Large dog ears.

What needs to be done?

Did you have lipo? I did the hard stuff I have is from that and that will go away today I felt that when I was sitting I had a belly and almost choked on that. I know I have dog ear on one side that needs to be fixed.
I know how you feel... But try not to upset your self too much I'm 2 months post op and I have dog ears as well and the loose area your talking about will get better i was told its still too soon to see results for at least 6 months the tummy still has to heal but I think you look great! And your incision looks amazing! Hope I helped you a little bit :) just stay strong and try to be positive!!!!

Welcome to the community.  I am sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues:(

Have you been back in to see your doctor and discuss these things with him?  Start with that and keep in close touch with him/her.   

The body does take a while to heal after a tummy tuck so please stay positive and keep your chin up.


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