Super Nervous About my Tummy Tuck! - Miami, FL

Hi everyone, I'm a mother of 3 wonderful babies...

Hi everyone,
I'm a mother of 3 wonderful babies all c-sections and FINALLY got to the day of my tummy tuck! Due to circumstances in the family I've reschedule about 4 times!

Well, I've been looking forward to this surgery for some years and tomorrow is the big day!! I don't know why I am so nervous! Have any of you felt this way the day prior?
Also, of you've had a c-section and tummy tuck, is the pain worst, less, similar?

Im afraid of anything going wrong since I'm electing to have this surgery and all my babies are young (5,4,2).
My husband is VERY helpful so he will watch the kids when I stay at my mothers house a few days..

I'm getting surgery with Dr Azurin. Have any of you done a procedure with him, if so how did it go?


I'm feeling much better, still have my drains though :( Can't wait to have them removed so I can take a REAL shower!!! Lol
The only thing that does concern me is that since he did lipo my back aggressively, my upper butt area is very swollen. I feel as if I have one of those inflatable pool rings around my lower bottom! Lol.
I can't wait until that resolves since it does make my bottom look deformed.
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My ears are popped! Also, I continue developing a but a phlegm in my throat and have a hard time breathing unless i cough it up.. Any of you dealt with this?
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Yay!! You are done. Hope you are getting some rest. Happy healing!
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