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Nose Job Finally!! - Miami, FL

Hello my name is Amanda I'm 29 mother of one, I'v...

Hello my name is Amanda I'm 29 mother of one, I'v always hated my nose and after doing my research I finally made the decision to get it done, I saw Dr. Salzhauer had lots of very good reviews so I schedule an appointment , the staff is nice and he is very charming and nice, I actually went in for a nose job and a breast lift, he told me I didnt need a lift that I should wait after I have another child, he was very honest he coulda made money off of me but he didnt, I really liked that :) . So I scheduled my surgery with him and well here I am, less than a week for it, Im nervous and scared but I hope everything goes well!! ill update pos-O pics.

I forgot to mention

I forgot to say that I'm getting a neck lipo, the deal I got with them was a free area of lipo and since I'm already messing with my nose I wanted to keep it up there so getting a lipo too . I'm getting more nervous every day ???? 3 days till the operation ...

At the waiting room !!

Today is the day ladies, wish me luck I'll post pictures later on tonight ????


I'm out!!

Surgery went well I was feeling like crap but I'm doing better now, sucks no being able to breath through my mouth .

In a little pain .

I was feeling like crap while I was there now it's been 3 hrs and feel so much batter , now the waiting game to see if I like it or not ????

1 day PO

Well all I can say is this is easier that no thought it would be, to be honest the only discomfort I feel is from the neck lipo but is not so bad , my nose doesn't hurt at all , my eyes and face starting to swell I had an ok night sleep cuz it was hard trying to breath through my mouth then I finally starting to breath through my nose , so a little bit of both now . Thanks for all your comments ????

Day 3 PO

I finally feel like myself I slept through the night and washed my hair today , I feel great I tryed to put make up on cuz I neeeeeded to get out of my house !! I was going insane lol ???? it feels like it's been forever I just wanna remove this cast! Ugh oh well I gotta wait.

Cast off!!

Well just got out of docs office , what can I say? I see a little bit of change I dunno if I like it yet , it's to soon to tell and it's swollen , do I like it better then my old nose ? Yes so far I do hopefully gets better though .

One week after cast removal .

I like my nose so far I just don't like 2 things , I don't think the doctor removed the little
Bump I had... And it looks like it's pointing to the left I hope
It's just swelling cuz if is not I'll be really mad -_- ...

Well it's been a month after surgery .

And I'm not happy with my nose , everytime I take pictures it's very obvious my nose is pointing to the left and doctor didn't remove the bump my nose would look so much better if he did ...


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I'm sorry you're not happy with your results. Befefore I read your updates I looked at the one month post pictures and thought wow she got nice natural results. I wouldn't have noticed thr bump until you mentioned it. The smart phone also tends to flatten the face so I wouldn't trust it's accurate. But if you are not satisfied i understand the frustration. Have you discussed your disappointment with the surgeon?
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You look nice and its improved. I wonder though like you said, why is the bump there?
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I feel bad you aren't happy. I hope your situation gets better.
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Congrats! I think it will look very, very nice once the swelling is completely gone.
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I hope so cuz there are some things I don't like about it :(
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I had a bulbous tip too. It's so hard to keep the patience since that part stays swollen the longest. Seeing tip definition from below does feel good though huh?!
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It's nice to see a tip I oh see it from the bottom and the side a little , I hope the swelling goes down fast .
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Congratulations on getting the cast off it already looks better but I think once the swelling stops your gonna look great !!!!
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Looks great from what we can see so far!!!! Super excited for you and glad to hear that your healing process has not been to ruff on you... Happy healing Ms Pretty nose !!!!
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Thank you! It has been easy now tomorrow the cast comes off and will see what happens ! So excited :D
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I know how do you feel about the cast. I had it for 8 days and in thr end was driving me nuts. But it will be all worth in the end. I can tell you will be in love with your new nose!
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Thank you! So do you like your results ??
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So far, I think it's great and way better than my pre revision nose.
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Looks good!
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Thanks ;)
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Happy Recovery! I am looking forward to seeing your results!
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Happy recovery. Can't waut to see your results!
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Congrats on doing it! The first couple days you will continue to get use to the mouth breathing. Keep what ever you are drinking near you with a bendy straw. Sip often. :) That helps with the dry mouth/sore throat. Great deal with the buy one, get one free! I would have done neck lipo as well...lol Maybe next time. ;))) Remember to relax and just take care of yourself this week. Before you know it, next wee will be here, your cast and splints will be gone and you will have your new nose debut. :)
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Thank you for your advices , the straw was a big help !
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:) You're very welcome. How are you doing?
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Yay! You did it. You are so brave. Take good care of yourself:)
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Aww thanks ! ❤️
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Happy healing!
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Thank you! So far so good
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Good luck with your recovery! Please get help with your son! I am having surgery June 9th and I have a two year old. I will have full time help for a week. Hoping for the best for you!!!
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