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My original rhinoplasty was in June of 2011. I...

My original rhinoplasty was in June of 2011. I knew immediately (even with the splint still on) that I ws not happy with the aesthetic results. My nose looked assymetric with the right side being more "pinched" and I had a bulbous, polly-beak, if you will. Initially, my breathing was improved, especially in my left nostriI, however, with time I began to have impeded breathing on my right nostril.

I met with several doctors around February of 2012 and did more research the second time around. It is now August of 2013, and due to my increased breathing "uncomfortableness" which makes me very wary of my assymetric nose, I have decided to pursue a revision. I have decided on Dr. Riahcard Davis in Miami. I have met with him twice. He seems very knowledgble and genuinely concerned with his patients. He will not rush your appointment.

2 days post

Can't breathe yet and have been icing, icing, icing. Getting sick of laying down.

Still very swollen

Well, the doc did say my nose might very well be coming out of my skull at an angle... the tendency is still for the tip to look more toward the right, and even my nostril on that side to be smaller. This has been consistent since the beginning of time... Honestly, I grew up with it, so I knew it was that way, but never really got fixated on it. My initial surgery was just to remove a hump.

That being said, the dr. gave me some "forms" if you will to place in my nostril(s) at night to see if it would even out the shape. I doubt it will but have been trying it becuase 1) it does help my breathe though my nose and 2) it's worth a try.

However, that's just part of my quirky body, I guess. The rest of the nose looks good, albeit super swollen. There doesn't seem to be any assymetry as I was complaining about before, and nothing looks pinched. I'm pretty confident at this point I will at least get closer to a natural looking nose and am praying that the brething will be improved.

For now, I have just started to smell things again. I can breather maybe 20% out of my nose - not enough to use it exclusively yet. However, when I put in these "spacers" he gave me, which are essentially little covers for a nose instrument he uses, I can breather more like 40%, and that allows me to actually breathe through my nose more at night (Thank God).

I am still icing at night and try to at least once during the day for 30-60 minutes or so. I have 3 small children and am a very antsy person, so it's hard for me to sit still. LOL! I'd rather get out of the house and do something.

I am on trck for all the wounds to be healed by the 2-wk mark, but am guessing the swelling is going to last awhile. I feel I look a bit like a muppet, but my hairdresser (a wonderfully sweet gay man) told me my face has never looked more youthful than today (I think all the swelling helped fill in the wrinkles temporarily - LOL!). He said he'd guess me at 24 years-old (I'm 35)... LOVE that man! ROFL!

Still healing

Still swollen and breathing not 100% yet. Follow-up appointment with doctor in 10 days.


I don't have any huge updates... Saw Dr. Davis a few weeks ago... He said the only part he was cocerned about was the fact that my nostrils were still somewhat assymetrical. They are. But in my opinion still Waaayyyy better than they were. He advised me to press on my nose accordingly. There is also a small bump that developed on my bridge, but I feel (and doc feels) its because the part of my nose that had no work done on it had the swelling go down, and now that marks the area where the surgery was performed, so it's still swollen. No biggie. He did mention if my swelling was still present at my chcekup on Nov 22, he might consider some steroid injections.

Breathing is still hindered on right side. Attributing that to swelling still, I guess. Hope it gets better over time.

Overall, still happy with results.

Ear is still a bit tender. Looks fine s far as I can tell.

Will take/post pics as I find time, but life gets busy...


Will try to post more recent pics as soon as possible.

Sorry. Have been busy with life. And also,my computer died so now I am, using an old laptop with a million stuck keys. I hate it! Typing is enough of a chore. so I might not be able to post pics until I get a new laptop.

My breathing is not perfect. I go back to see the doctor on 11/22. I think I am still swollen. Breathing is about the same as pre-revision surgery. No worse.

Still happier with the look of the nose and external scars healed so much better than last time. My nose is still a little red or "rosy" in spots, which bugs me because I feel like I have to always wear makeup. But the skin has finally stopped peeling and flaking around the nostrils (don't know if I had a bad reaction to the tape/splint adhesive (sensitive skin) or what).

Overall, glad I had the revision, but really wish I would've went to Dr. Davis the first time!

Found some pics from mid-October (approx 2-months post-op)

Nostrils still uneven though


Saw Dr.last Friday. Said swelling was coming down,but there was still some more residual on right side than left but that it was probably caused by the fact he put the septum graft on the right side... We talked about cortisone shots and I agreed with him that we should wait and see. He said my lesser ability to breather on right side was because of that swelling.

Still much happier I had the revision! :)

I am so happy I am not obsessing about my nose anymore. Sure, it's not perfect - it never was, but it's sooooo much better after the revision than after the first rhinoplasty. Still don't remember what it feels like to breathe 100% out of my right nostril, which is annoying, but the breathing is no worse than it was before the 2nd surgery - I'm just not sure it's any better yet at 5 months post-op.

March Update

So hard to remember to log in anymore... Just so busy, and the best reason I don't think about logging in anymore is that I am still no longer fixated on my nose! So true! Breathing has not changed... and nose is still a bit crooked, but I am so happy it isn't collapsing anymore and looks normal! I was never looking for perfection, so I had low expectations on this revision, and all I can say is that I am a lot happier with the results than my first time. My doctor, however, is a bit more of a perfectionist than I am (which is good) - he is not happy with a little bump on my bridge that has supposedly appeared as swelling has diminished... Honestly, it hasn't bothered me. Last appointment, he mentioned he was not happy with it and was potentially up for a revision when the time came.... Personally, I am happy enough with what I got! Why f@&* with that when it could end up much worse? :)

6 1/2 months Post-Op

Pembroke Pines Facial Plastic Surgeon

Nice. Seems to genuinelly care about you as a patient. He has never tried to talk me into the revision surgery or rushed through any appointments/questions/concerns/etc.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Just wondering how your nose is currently doing? I have a very severe case that needs revision.
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My advise is to avoid a third reversion since you 're genuinely happy with you nose.GOD in the first place give you a nose that he felt is good for you but because of human nature you thought can never give you a perfect nose, they are only doing experiment with us.some times they succeed,many a time they fail.that's men for you! Pls too much surgery might collapse the whole nose in old- enjoy the nose you're happy with,cos most doctors won't tell us the truth after all they're making money.
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Hello there! Could you please post some "normal" pictures where we could actually see the nose from different perspectives? Last pictures don't allow us to see your nose shape. It would help us a lot! Thank you.
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Looks like you were able to get what you needed from a revision and move on. I'm so happy for give us hope :) I think you can probably change your status to Worth It! Hope you're doing well and enjoying life!
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Ahhh you look sooo perfect! Just gorgeous! I needed to see your nice update because I was beginning to feel hopeless again about revisions.
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I am glad to hear you're happy with your revision. Your nose looks beautiful! My revision is on March 25 and I'm hoping I will get good results this time so I don't think about my nose all the time.
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I have been doing research for my revision rhinoplasty and keep coming back to Dr. Davis....unfortunately I live far away and was just curious how frequently you went to see him the first year or so.....I emailed the clinic but have not heard back yet. You look absolutely lovely! thank you so much!
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WOw. Your nose looks amazing.
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I love the new photo (3-14-14)! Nose looks great...not too thin. I'm so happy for you!! Thank you very much for sharing with us.
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Your nose looks great so far! Could you please post a frontal pic?
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Thank you for the update. Any way you can post your recent pictures?
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You really look great ! Please comment on your breathing.... I do hope however that you can breathe perfectly already ! Keeping my fingers crossed
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Thanks! :)
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Wow! Your surgeon did an amazing job. Thanks for sharing your story!
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You're welcome! He really is a great doctor! :)
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Hi. Thank you for posting this review. I have actually been looking at getting a revision with dr Davis and have an appointment but not until April. My nose actually looks a lot like your pre op except that I have extremely thick skin. I went to another dr and he actually told me he wasn't sure if he could fix my nose and referred me to dr Davis. Hopefully he can help me. He seems skilled and qualified. I think he did a great job on your nose!
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Thanks! I doubt you will be disappointed! HE takes his time on each case and takes it very personal as far as doing his best even if that means your surgery takes a little longer, etc. Dr. D is supposedly the best!!! Even the orderlies say that! LOL!
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Thanks for review, you look great!!!
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Thanks!!! :)
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did the doctor tell you that your nostrils will be symetrical?
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Nah.. He initially though they might be... then had me wear some "nose cones" in my nose for a while, which I hated.... They worked temporarily for changing nostril shape, but that was it...
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Thank you for updatting! I'm so happy you're happy and able to move on from this nose saga:) You look really pretty and so much younger than before the revision:)
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Thanks! (LOL_ that was probably the swelling from the surgery that acted like botox and whatever else fillers and plumped me up!) LOL!!!
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Thanks for the update! I'm very happy for you!! Breathing still may improve some as swelling last a long, long, time.
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Thanks! / Hope so!
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