Had Radiesse About 6 Months Ago

I was very satisfied with the results, instant...

I was very satisfied with the results, instant gratification. I did it for the marionette lines along w/botox. I'm going back this Monday for more radiesse. My doctor who everybody goes to & loves said he could enhance my cheek bones (won't look like a cheek implant, but I know that) & to touch up the nose to mouth lines.I looked very refreshed, price is right & he's not stingy with the amount he uses. I was injected about 20-25 times. Well worth it & I didn't even use the numbing cream, pain does not bother me.

Very selfish that you don't want to reveil the doctor's name. You r the ideal client for him lol no publicity for him from you I guess .... So idiotic!

Whoa, whoa, whoa - first, we have community guidelines against personal attacks, and this certainly boarder lines that, so please be mindful of that in future postings. We want this to be a place where people feel good about coming to share, and we all have to create that.

Secondly, not everyone is comfortable sharing who their care provider was. We appreciate people sharing with us what they feel comfortable doing so, and are grateful for the information. If someone opts not to share who their doctor is we need to be respectful of that.

If you would like to discuss this further you are welcome to send me a private message or contact our Support Center.

Too bad... would love to check him out and I am sure he would love to take on new clients. Strange... maybe he's not a real doc.
Name not provided

Partly because I love my dermatologist, he knows what he's doing & I guess the price is so reasonable because I go with my BFF & we have a ball. I wouldn't even give you his name because all my friends go to him & I don't want to share. Selfish, but beautiful.

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