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After having my daughter later in life I found my...

After having my daughter later in life I found my body (skin) didn't bounce back as before. Despite running twenty miles a week and working out with weights three times a week -- the extra skin would;t budge. And neither did the tummy pouf. Breasts? Deflated. So after much thought I decided to go ahead and get this done now.

Worried about being under GA and what recovery period will be like. Hope I can move around by myself after a week, just to get to the bathroom and back to my recliner.


Hi. I haven't taken anything for swelling. I'd say it's adding about 1.5 to 2 inches to my belly and I imagine this last bit will take months and months to get rid of. How are you doing?
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Hey Busy, We'd love an update on your review! How are you feeling? Are you happy with your results so far?

Has the swelling gone down a lot from day one? Are you taking anything for the swelling?
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