Finally Set Up the Date for Surgery May 23 @ 11:00 Pm - Miami, FL

I gained almost 100 lbs with my daughter lost the...

i gained almost 100 lbs with my daughter lost the weight then with my luck i started having tyroid issues and i was able to remove them and now its been 5 months now that i have been working on my weight im still 210 lbs im 5'6 and i had it with my weight issue.. so i choice to have a mommy make over which is tummy tuck lipo on my wasit line breast lift and augmentation lets see what happens wish me luck everyone!!!
How long did you have to wait between consultation and surgery date?

Just a few more weeks to go! Here's a list of supplies you might want for recovery.

Please keep us posted on how you're feeling as your big day gets nearer!

I am scheduled on May 20. We will be going through this at about the same time. Good luck and I hope you have a quick recovery!!!
Ricardo Presas MD PA

felt soooo good with my doctor i meet him didnt think 2 times about it and booked my date the same day reviews i read are great really good doctor

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