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Nervous and Still Unsure...- Miami, FL

I've but down my deposit for my liposuction of...

I've but down my deposit for my liposuction of neck, abdomen, back, flanks, arms, thighs inner and outer... I'm 21 yrs old, 5'9 and about 165 lbs. I have always been really self conscious about my belly area and legs.

Since entering college i've had a hard time with my fluctuating weight and my belly and legs have suffered most.

I really want to go through with the surgery but everyday I think about the things that could go wrong... the long term effects.. the possibility of unevenness and lumpiness.. and all the other negative side effects!

I'm trying to think positive so some positive feed back would really help!
How bad are the scars? I've heard bad things about lipo of the legs... flubbing and lumpy skin, etc.

If someone can help me out I would really appreciate it. I'm going to take a month off to recover from the surgery so I'll be recovering through the holidays.

I can do this!

I'm 100% going through with the surgery. I'm really excited but still really scared and hoping for the best. Any advice for me ladies?

What should I buy to prepare for post op?
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Hi! I had smart lipo of the upper and lower abs and my flanks. I am thrilled with the results. I have no lumps, bumps, or unevenness. I think that most of those problems come from having an inexperienced doctor doing the procedure. I'm more than two months out and still have some swelling going on. It's most noticeable on my lower abs. If I wear compression my stomach looks very flat, but otherwise you can see some swelling. My ps says that can last up to six months. As long as you have a very good ps you should have fabulous results. Good luck!
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