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Deciding Doctors and Scare - Miami, FL

Hi I'm new to this I have been searching for...

Hi I'm new to this I have been searching for doctors to have liposuction and maybe breast augmentation I'm on this alone and really scare but really want this I just had twins four months ago I want this for me a birthday gift please help me with a really good doctor in Florida I'm talking to Dr pazimo but I want to be 100% sure I can count on him never had anytiing done beside my 3 cesarean please help me to find the one thanks


Have you found a PS? I can not be any help there, but good luck.
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Whoa! Stick some punctuation in there! I had to read that three times to figure it out! Lol! Anyway, definitely make sure you are using a surgeon who is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery, not just Cosmetic Surgery. Big difference. Interview them in person. Ask to see lots of before and after pictures. Ask about rates of complications. Look at online reviews, and speak to actual patients if possible. Researching a doctor takes time and effort, but is very worth it in the end.
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dr pazimo

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