1 Child, Stubborn Belly Fat Doesn't Respond to Fitness

At 38 after one child and a csection, I could not...

At 38 after one child and a csection, I could not get rid of stubborn belly fat no matter how much I exercised or ate clean. I also had a small "pocket of fat" or bulge about 2 inches from my scar on my left side that was driving me crazy. So I decided to go get minimal lipo done to my lower belly. I am now almost 2 weeks out and still swollen and bruised but so far it looks good!

Almost 3 weeks later

Still swollen but it defiantly continues to improve, so far I am happy with my results. Can't wait to see me after 6 months. Can't wait to get back to working out!
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Congrats on your surgery any pics
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wow you look great already! How long has it been for you now?
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It's almost 3 weeks now, thanks!!!
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I had lip on hips, waist, and upper & lower abdominal. The first few days I could see the results but now I am not seeing it. Hopefully that will improve with time. So yours sound very close to my experience. Good luck
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I have similar prbs with abdominal area and thighs
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