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Invisalign Journey - Miami, FL

When I was younger and would see older individuals...

When I was younger and would see older individuals with braces I would say why do they have braces when their teeth will be out soon. Silly me LOL! I find myself at 30 redefining myself in every way possible. One thing I've decided to do is work on my teeth. I've always had a beautiful smile but over the years my teeth has begun to space out. More so at the bottom. This has happened without any extractions. After speaking with my new dentist she stated that I may be eligible for Invisalign. My consultation with the orthodontist is within the next two weeks. I'm super duper excited. It's one more step closer to a better smile. At some point I would also like to have my teeth whitened, filed (I hate the ridges), and MAYBE veneers. Here's a collage of my teeth as they are now. My bite has also caused problems with my gum health. Correcting my bite will help this situation. Any advice or things I should know please feel free to fill me in. Thanks in advance and this is my journey! SAY CHEESE lol

Much luck to you on your journey to a better smile, I must ask however, Why are you considering veneers? I just can not imagine spending money to straighten my teeth just to spend more money to get them covered, That however is just my opinion, I'm interested to hear yours.- Jake
Hey Jake! I think I was going teeth crazy. When I see the beautiful smiles if other patients I compare them to my teeth and in my head my teeth seem small. Like I won't have that full beautiful smile. Some people get gum lifts. I guess I'll have to wait until after I complete my treatment but veneers are definitely out if the question.

That is exciting that your consult is coming up soon! Its also great to hear that your dentist referred you to an orthodontist.

The only thing I would mention is to scratch the idea of veneers unless they are actually needed for some reason I'm missing. When veneers are placed they (almost always) have to "prep" your teeth, which means shaving them down some so you can not go back to your natural teeth and the veneers must be maintained from there on out. If you have healthy teeth and no major tooth size discrepancies might as well line them up with Invisalign, whiten them if you like, and enjoy your healthy teeth. :)

Fill us in on how your consult goes & what your thoughts are after that.

Teresa Bello-Burgos

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