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I've consulted with a bunch of miami PS and can't...

I've consulted with a bunch of miami PS and can't decide between these 2. I read some scary reviews on Salzhauer but he has been so nice and caring with all my back and forth questions. I get the impression that Epstein is better but I have read a few bad reviews too - I'm afraid that if I go with him and something does go wrong that i'll feel "duped". Epstein's quote is almost double Salzhauer's. I want to make sure his job would really be double as good in quality. According to Salzhauer he is just as good and my nose is not complicated (but i've read he tells that to everyone?) help!!


I'm glad you found us and started your story here. I would go with the surgeon who has the most rhinoplasty experience and can answer these questions to your satisfaction. Please keep us posted on who you choose!
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I also have interviewed several surgeons and chose Epstein. My procedure is next month. I realize that there are no guarantees, but I do expect great results from him! My only suggestion to you is to make your decision by empirical data, not by warm and fuzzy feelings or costs.
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thanks! so spot on! that's what the rational side of my brain is telling me...
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