Hi my Name is Nelma Maria Braganca I Have 252 Pounds - Miami, FL

I Went to 2 Seminars of Doctor Sosa and I Want Him...

I Went to 2 Seminars of Doctor Sosa and I Want Him to Help to Became Happy, i was begging for medicaid and got share of cost for $1037 and i know medicaid is covering this surgery.so please if someone read this email and think you can help me i will be so happy.like everybody when they get over weight like i did became sad without self steam and discriminated,i was very pretty.i am 51 my height 5.2 with 252 pounds , please let me know tks .i also have diabets type 2 because of being fat.

Hey, Just writing to let you know that Jackson north has a bariatric program and they take share of cost. I have share of cost and I have been preapproved for surgery already. I will be getting my surgery in about a month or so after all of the labs and the clearance from the psych and nutritionist. Good luck! let me know how it goes.

Shauntey, I have Florida Medicaid Share of Cost, and planning to have a WLS. Please, I need some information about how the share of cost works there.


How are you doing with the Medicaid stuff? Hope everything is okay. :)

Miami Beach Bariatric Surgeon

i am researching follow his surgeries on the net.and dreaming to be me next pt

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