Hi my Name is Nelma Maria Braganca I Have 252 Pounds - Miami, FL

I Went to 2 Seminars of Doctor Sosa and I Want Him...

I Went to 2 Seminars of Doctor Sosa and I Want Him to Help to Became Happy, i was begging for medicaid and got share of cost for $1037 and i know medicaid is covering this surgery.so please if someone read this email and think you can help me i will be so happy.like everybody when they get over weight like i did became sad without self steam and discriminated,i was very pretty.i am 51 my height 5.2 with 252 pounds , please let me know tks .i also have diabets type 2 because of being fat.

Miami Beach Bariatric Surgeon

i am researching follow his surgeries on the net.and dreaming to be me next pt

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Hey, Just writing to let you know that Jackson north has a bariatric program and they take share of cost. I have share of cost and I have been preapproved for surgery already. I will be getting my surgery in about a month or so after all of the labs and the clearance from the psych and nutritionist. Good luck! let me know how it goes.
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Shauntey, I have Florida Medicaid Share of Cost, and planning to have a WLS. Please, I need some information about how the share of cost works there.

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How are you doing with the Medicaid stuff? Hope everything is okay. :)

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I was wondering what you need help with.. Are you trying to find out the requirements for Florida medicaid? Let me know! I'm a medicaid patient and I may be able to help.. the requirements are different from state to state but they're similar in alot of ways.. depending on where you are, it's possible to have to be put on a waiting list.. OR have to find a bariatric surgeon with a center of excellence who also takes medicaid... anyways according to BMI and co-morbidity you should qualify for sure if you jump through the required hoops..
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Hi there,

Welcome to RealSelf! Have you already had a consultation with Dr. Sosa or are you still researching who to go to?

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