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Had Fraxel to remove scars. While I was NOT happy...

Had Fraxel to remove scars. While I was NOT happy that other surgeons I went to could not offer a fair deal, Dr. salomon was able to get rid of scars and even my skin a bit. The thing with fraxel is that its not a miracle cure all type deal, it depends on the skill of the surgeon. I felt comfortable with this doctor because of his experience. Not all plastic surgeons are board certified this is very important to know this.
Good mornin doc jhonny salomon..i hv some scars on my legs.and the r so ugly wen i wear shorts.i use all kind of scars satution and i dnt find any good frm that i use is vanika n the bio oil. For scars.and they dnt help can u plz csn help me wit these scars plz?

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