What Doctor Sometime Dont Take the Time to Tell - Miami, FL

Well this is my only day 4 of course that i am...

well this is my only day 4 of course that i am till look weird, i was told that it will be fine for a short amount of time " a week maximum " that why i di it , i am a very busy man who only need it just a little bit under my checks since i have lost a lot of fat because of strong work out , now i have to work looking like a freak and not knowing if i have being over injected , time is not my best friend cause i don"t have the time i am very upset so that why i check the internet for answers,after reading made me feel a little bit better but i a concern what it the best solution for me to make since i already i am in this mess< i will make another review and of course i will make sure to post the doctor name for other to be alert < but is to soon for that .

"NOT WORTH IT" spent a total of 4 USD on this operation.
What do you expect?

 How are you doing?  Hopefully we haven't heard from you because things have settled down and getting back to normal.  Unfortunately you doctor is one of many who don't set proper expectations.   I was told I could travel to a meeting five days after.   I guess I should have been more specific with my question,  "If i have to travel to a corporate meeting 5 days later, will I look like a total monster and have everyone question my sanity?!".  Again, much of the swelling should be down by now but it can take months. Let us know how you are doing if you have a chance.  Take care. 
LOL. Yeah. I had a job to go to 4 weeks after mine... never went to that. Thanks to the doctor who decided that "small amounts" meant "as much as possible and then some". But looks like many don't set expectations properly full stop. It makes you think how some doctors are just not interested in having "patients"... just high turnovers. 5 days means that they just don't follow up on their patient. Perhaps because the patient is running elsewhere for a fix. How about 5 months + social/career suicide?! More accurate I think!!!
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