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23 Year Old and Already in Need of Surgery :( Miami, FL or DR

I want to get full body lipo and sculpture with a...

I want to get full body lipo and sculpture with a slight bbl. Thankfully I'm already very curvy but I'm looking to get rid of some FAT on my body. Just too much. I can just work out too. But I want to get it in the shape I need it to then work out to maintain it. By doing that I can give my body the definition it needs to look completely NATURAL and breath taking!


Best Wishes on your sx.
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Let us know what doctor you choose (and I can help you add that to your review when you are ready).

Keep us posted!
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I have an appointment with Dr. Salama next week and I'll keep u posted.
My quote was from Dr. Cabral and if I lose weight the cost will be less but I'm no longer going to him! Too many deaths man.

Dr. Cabral answers mostly at night after 10. Uhmm he doesn't answer my questions directly and he is not that articulate in English which I think he should have been by now but either way. I am no longer considering him as I said. I'm looking into Dra Duran or Doctor Salama here in the U.S.

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