I'm a 27 yr old mother of a 3yr old and a 10 month...

I'm a 27 yr old mother of a 3yr old and a 10 month old and just had a tummy tuck done 6 days ago and I'm very excited with the results so far. I also had lipo of the waist and back. The first 3 days were very painful.... Took Vicodin every 5 hrs for 4 days then stopped because I was getting nausea and headaches and continued managing the pain with Tylenol.
Had my first post op appt today and both drains were removed (wasn't painful at all) and I'm feeling a lot better after that. I'm not allowed to take my first shower till tomorrow morning... Can't wait!!!!
The only thing that concerns me right now not being able to walk staight... The muscle pulling is very strong and uncomfortable. I'm gonna take it one day at the time so lets see how it goes!

Pre op/ and 6 days post op

End of day 7 feeling much better!

So I'm about go go to bed but wanted to write a quick update first... I finally took a shower this morning and I'm feeling great... The pain is much better now, I'm taking Aleve to control it... What bothers me the most now is my lower Back from not being able to walk straight :( it definitely gets better each day... I'm able to drive now.. yay! And was able to pick up my daughter from school today :))... Will be going to Nordstrom tomorrow to buy some spanx that my PS recommended to alternate with the girdle...

Day 8 post op...

Today I'm feeling a lot better... I'm walking straighter every day... I went to the mall with the family and walked around without pain!!!

Concerned about my love handles

So I had a TT but also lipo of the waist and back and I'm a little concerned because I'm 9 days post-op and my love handles look the same and before :( is the swelling going to go down significantly or am I stuck with them? Has anyone had a similar experience? Please let me know... I'm feeling a little disappointed :((

10 days post op update

Feeling great so far... I'm not taking anything for pain anymore... At this point I'm impatiently waiting for the swelling to go down and the tape to fall off (haven't seen the scar yet!)

Scar finally revealed!

So I'm 2 wks post op already and yesterday I was able to see the scar for the first time.... Honestly, it's not as ugly as I expected....
I have been feeling ok lately except for occasional swelling and bloating.
Already scheduled my 1st massage for October 4th since they are super booked! And waiting for my follow up appt next week to see if I could start scar therapy!

Up close scar

18 days post op

18 days and I'm feeling a lot less swollen already! I still get swelling at the end of the day but I try to keep my girdle on @ all times!

3 wk update

I'm 3wks post op now and on Thursday go the ok from my PS to start scar therapy... He recommended Biocorneum and started using it right away! I hope it works well.... I told him I was concerned about my flanks and he said I'm still very swollen so I'm hoping for the best... Other than that I'm feeling great! Loving the flat stomach :)

4 wks and 3 days

So I finally passed the 4 wk mark... I'm very pleased with the results... I still have tenderness in the lipo areas
And I get swelling in my belly at the end of the day if I've walked or done too much.... Other than that I'm using biocorneum on the scar, I feel like is more red but I'm hopeful it will fade a lot in a few months!

4wk pics

4 1/2 wks post op before and after pics

5 wks scar

So just wanted to post a little update of my scar... I've been using biocorneum for 2 wks....
Btw I'm still very sore on my lower back and upper abs still burn when I cough/ sneeze... I wonder how long this will last!

6 wk update

Hi everyone I'm finally 6 wks post op!!! And finally able to go back to normal life lol... I went to my follow up appt on Thursday and PS says everything looks great but he mentioned that my belly button is a bit dark so he prescribed "hydro-q" which bleaches the skin... Has anyone used this product before... Looking for feedback/ advise...
I've been reading about this product and it's been banned in Europe and the FDA stopped approving it's used :( I bought it already but don't know what to do...

6wk pic

Close up pic of scar @ 6 wks

Day 8 vs 6 wks

Almost 9 wks post-op

I'm almost 9 wks post op and feeling great... I have occasional swelling/soreness on my upper abs but other than that no other issues...
My incision and belly button look a little more red... I'm using biocorneum twice a day on my incision and once a day on my Belly button because at night I'm applying the hydroQ...
I'm very exciting cause I'm going on an 8day cruise this Saturday with my hubby and two kids but I'm a little worried about the sun darkening my scars... I'm gonna be wearing a one piece bathing suit but if anyone has any tips to protect the scar from the sun I would appreciate them :)

Oh and something else that I want to share is that ingrown hairs around my scar are driving me NUTS! So as soon as I come back from the cruise will be starting laser hair removal!

10 wks post op

Scar close up pics

Scar looking a little red but my ps says it's normal and that it will lighten up with time... Continue to use biocorneum twice a day!

11 wks!!!

No muffin top ;)

Almost 13 wks postop!

So I will be 13wks postop on Friday, time flies... I'm feeling great and continue to be happy with my results. I feel bad because I haven't had time to exercise :(
My scar is still a little too red but I guess I have to give it more time to lighten up ...


3 months!

3 months low rise bikini

My progress :)

14 wks!!!

Feeling good ... I'm still very numb underneath my belly button. Preop I was at 132 lbs and now I'm between 120-122lbs :)

5 months!

Hey everyone I'm back after a few months of being away... So I'm feeling great... Today I'm going to start Crossfit to get fit for my upcoming wedding on March 28th. I feel like my scar isn't progressing too much tho. The ends are very smooth but towards the middle it's raised and thick... Any suggestions!?

Pics by my PS before and 4 months after

4 weeks vs 5 months!!!!

Love handles went down significantly yay!

Back view after 5 months

Working out feels great!

So i recently started doing Crossfit and eating clean and I'm very excited because I feel great, I'm full of energy and I've lost 2cm of my hips and 2cm of my wait! Yay! I'm very motivated to be healthy and to maintain that lifestyle :)
Oh btw crunches/ sit ups don't hurt at all even after having the mr!
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Amazing doctor. Very caring, patient, professional and definitely a true ARTIST.... Only 6 days post tummy tuck and lipo and already loving the results!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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You look fantastic! BTW your quads and glutes are sweet! #gymlove
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LOVE your results I hope mine are as good!!
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Thanks! I wish u the best!
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Wow those results are inspiring wish I knew mine could be like that :)
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Thank u so much!!!! I wish u the best of luck :)
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I have been researching tummy tucks for over 2 years…Dr. Soler-Baillo has been on my list of best doctors, and while perusing reviews I came across your pics BEFORE i saw that Dr. SB was your plastic surgeon. It doesn't surprise me that your pics are the best, that you incision is the most precise, "straight" line, that you looked amazing within your first few days! You are walking proof that Dr. Soler-Baillo is the doctor for me:)
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Thank you! And yes, I recommend Dr soler baillo 100%... He is very professional and honest. I also wanted to have a breast revision because I've had my implants for over 10 years and he talked me out of it... I felt great after a few days... The first 4-5 days are very painful especially the lipo, but after that it's very manageable. Good luck to you and you won't regret doing it with him :)
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You're looking great. Keep up the excercise, it's definitely working for you. Congrats.
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Thank u girl :)
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Wow so flat!
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Thanks :)
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Love your stomach, nice,& tight! *thumbs up*
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Thanks girl its been a long road but totally worth it!
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Hi, I too am using the biocorneum scar cream. How long have u been using it for and what are ur thoughts on it? I had a breast lift and augmentation in sept and my scars are raised and red, I feel the cream has helped flatten them but would like to get ur feed back. Thanks
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Looking great!!!!
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Love your results girl!!! And where did you get that cute swimsuit that you're looking so good in?
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Thank u so much! You'll be there in no time :) the bathing suit I got as a present from my mom she brought it from Colombia...
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I love ur results. I'm just curious after you had surgery at any pointdid you feel like one side was bigger than the other I don't know I feel like one of my hips are one side of my stomach looks different than the other side take a look at my pictures if you get a chance so you can see what I'm talking about.
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Thanks... Actually my left hip was a little bigger than my right but little by little it has gone down... The left side of my belly is Also harder than the right... But hopefully with time it will even out! Good luck :)
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Thank u for giving me hope im walking around thinking I spend $9500... for an un even lopsided body lmao I loved ur results since day one and u have my wish b oobs god bless u sweetie
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I love that you do pics at each week like I did. And your comparison shots are awesome! You look AMAZING!
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Thank u so much :) it is exiting to see the changes as time goes by...
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You look great!
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Thanks :)
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Wow u look fantastic by the way your boobs are fantastic also lol funny how on this website we check out other women so closely but we do it for understanding :) well done and congrats on your excellent results
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