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Shocks After Cellulaze? - Miami, FL getting better everyday

Hello everyone I am on my 8th day post surgery...

Hello everyone
I am on my 8th day post surgery (cellulaze and smartlipo) on inner tighs outer tighs and arms.
I must say the first 3 days were better than I ever expected. Some pain swelling and brusing must admit I thought it would be a lot more painful
Went to see my Dr 3 days later and he said all looked good and of course to be patient on results and to expect swelling for some time etc.
I was just happy that I felt good enough to go to work on Monday got surgery on Friday
However yesterday on day 7 I started feeling these incredible sharp painful electric shocks on one of my back tighs (right) specially when I sit to go to the bathroom so bad my tears come out. When I sit I feel as if I am pressing down on something and it shocks the hell out of me
Is this normal ??? I'm so scared


Wow, good job going for a long walk!!

Yes, please keep us posted on what you find out at your appt. Hoping things continue to feel better!!

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Thanks for your prompt response.
Saturday the shocks were really bad but today they are much much better
I feel them suddenly but then they go away.
I have a Dr appointment tomorrow so I will let them know and post the Dr's response
I have been taking arnica pills and my brusing is 1000 times better, I suspect I might have them for 1 more week.... If that.
I bought them at GNC for like $8.00 you take them 3 times a day and the devolve in you mouth (Girls this is so worth it )
I make my self fresh pineapple shakes and only add water so this might be helping me with the swelling ( today is day 10 ) and I fit in my jeans with the garment underneath
I can't even imagine being without the garments they make me feel so much better and comfortable.
I do itch a lot but that's to this website I see this is very normal
In do see some improvement but I think it's too early on
Oh by the way I do feel some bumps in my inner tighs and my arms but I hear this is normal and don't wanna panic.
I have done 2 massages so far and tomorrow is my 3rd. I her the massages are key so I will keep you guys posted
I did not take pictures but my Dr did so I will ask him to email me and I will post them tomorrow (before pics) and then I will take some of the post surgery and post them
PS I hear from other ladies that have done traditional lipo that walking helps so I went for a 30 min walk on Saturday around the park and must say it felt good , I did walk slowly :)
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I am so sorry to hear that you are experiencing shock sensations when you sit down. I can definitely understand why that would freak you out. Have you called your doctors office to tell them about it? I would definitely encourage you to do so.

I submitted your question to our Q&A section so we can hear opinions from the board certified doctors who volunteer on RealSelf:

Painful Shock Sensation when Sitting Down After Cellulaze, is This Normal?

How are you feeling today?

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Update Sorry I have taken so long to write it's...

Sorry I have taken so long to write it's been a crazy few weeks
I traveled to ny with my husband and the plane ride was some what not pleasant I got a little more swollen that usual but it all got better (I travelled 2 weeks after surgery )

The shocks come and go but my dr said that was normal they are nerve ending kind of coming back
I have to admit its annoying cause it's always un expected but other than that I feet great
My pants fits so swelling is pretty much gone ( I think)
I saw dr today and he said I should be happy with the early results...... Yes I look thinner already
The massages hurt like crazy I have only done a total of 4 but I am guessing I si need like 15 or 20 cause my arms feel Lumpy and they hurt too.
Dr says the massages will help make the lumps go away so will keep u posted

Overall I feel like 85% back to normal
Patience is a must for this procedure but u have to keep on with ur daily life to keep from feeling depressed about results takenits time

Today makes 3 weeks
Keep u all posted


Who was your doctor?
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How is your cellulite looking at this point? Do u still think it is worthy?
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